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Turn Yourself Into A Meditating Donald Trump (Really, It’s Funny)

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For when you want to terrify your friends. You can now turn yourself into a meditating Donald Trump. Thanks to the warped minds at Grokker, dropping a headshot into their TrumpMeOver machine will churn you out into a version of a Trump-asana, pumpkin bouffant and all. (Beware, it’s animated and has a life of its own.)

Once you add your own photo there are several options – you as Trump practicing yoga, you as Trump in meditation (with money!), and you as Trump exercising with dumbbells. It doesn’t look like you can pick which scenario you want, but honestly, we weren’t disappointed by the final result as we recoiled in hilarity and horror. Rest assured, you’ll get a golden-cru$ted White House every time.

The project is silly but it’s also making something great (again) – raising awareness and donations for the Diva for A Day Foundation, Inc, a non-profit organization bringing a day of stress-free pampering and beauty to women living with cancer. To donate you can go here and Grokker will match your donation.

Whaddyasay? New Instagram profile?




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  • Donna R

    I made a Meditation version of my husband all trumped up and he loved it. Good reminder that we need to be our best selves even when things are at their craziest. After you trump over your photo you can share via FB, tw or email and then it asks you if you want to try the other versions which are yoga, fitness, and meditation.

  • VQ2

    I did mine and shared it (though it looked rather ill-fitting).
    I don’t care if he stands on his head in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (shades of Putin?). Sanders or if not (though holding my nose) Hillary. That is all.

  • LOL I about died…

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