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NYC’s Rubin Museum Is Hosting A Bunch Of Cool Karma Talks And Yoga Events

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image via Rubin Museum

New York City is full of cultural treasures. And with yoga studios on every corner, yoga mats an ubiquitous accessory bopping through the streets, and kirtan pouring out of windows on a wave of incense, the city also happens to be full of India’s cultural treasures, too. Or at least, remnants of them. Luckily we have a few bright lights to guide us back home.

Bridging the gap between street and studio, just like one of those new runway-ready athleisure outfits, the Rubin Museum of Art is one of those beacons. And if you’re in NYC this month you’d be lucky to attend one (or all) of the Rubin’s special yogacentric programming and events. Their current exhibit “Sacred Spaces” which opened October 23 features an expanded Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room with elements and artifacts to create “an immersive experience inspired by a traditional shrine that would be used for offering, devotion, prayer, and contemplation.”

Tibetan Shrine Room

Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room | image via Rubin Museum

“The creation of sacred space is a practice that extends across time, culture, and geography,” said Dominique Townsend, Head of Interpretation and Innovation at the Rubin Museum. “By displaying art within the context of its associated devotional rituals, visitors can connect to the Himalayas and relate these acts of transcendence and contemplation to their own lives. We all face day-to-day distraction and stress, which makes it easy to understand the desire to find a place to step outside the routine and contemplate what we find meaningful.”

Can’t make it to NYC any time soon? You’re in luck, this exhibit runs through March 2017.

However, if you want to catch the other super interesting series like Karma: Cause, Effect And the Illusion of Fate (ends December 30, 2015), Yoga Connections: Where Art Meets Practice, weekly Mindfulness Meditation with Sharon Salzberg, and a mala-making workshop, NYC is the place to be this fall.

Also, noteworthy, the Steve McCurry: India photography exhibition opening 11/18 in partnership with ICP – International Center of Photography.




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  • I hope I can make a visit before it closes down in 2017. A whole year to get there. Sacred spaces can be a resting point for our busy lives. For me it is my meditation space. It builds a certain energy that becomes a platform and a stabilizing force for us to return to if we ever lose our balance.

  • Cocicndenie – I don’t think so either.I know that manual very well having used it for the basis of my generator project back in 2001. As you say, you have most definitely been copied.

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