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How To Fart In Yoga Class

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farting-in-yogaNow, this is some very serious business. Have you farted in yoga class? Wait! Before you answer…let us rephrase. Have you ever attempted to hide a fart in yoga class? Sure, we all do it, we’re human, we eat food, air gets trapped, it’s got to get out somehow! Yoga poses just happen to be super MacGyvery about letting that air loose, even when you didn’t know it was there to begin with.

So how do you deal with your tadasana toots, your gassy chants, your didsomebodysteponaduck-asana? Need a little help? Let this video tutorial be your guide.

We think this is pretty good advice for public farting overall, but in case you need extra gas guidance, you can check out Lifehacker’s expanded tips.



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  • Haha! Have to say I’ve heard my share in class, guess we’ve all been there!
    This blog always supplies some good info!

  • Ash

    Did-somebody-step-on-a-duck-asana? Bwahahaaaaaaaaaaa! 😀

  • This is inevitable since we do sort of crunches in yoga classes. it’s bound to happen. I’ve had some pretty embarrassing experiences, but in the end we all laughed it off in class! 😀

  • Steeves Volmar

    This video is too funny. Loved it. Had to share with my amigos. Thanks for the post.

  • Oh! That video was GOOD!

  • Farter

    Oh wow.the farts are nice.
    Everyone does.
    Feels good that sound.
    I did many times.

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