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John Boehner Comes Clean, Admits He Practices Yoga

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John Boehner employing his finger and face yoga. | photo credit Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

John Boehner employing his finger and face yoga. | photo credit Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

John Boehner known for his orange aura and solid grimace skills, and also for being the speaker of the House, announced his surprise retirement on Friday. But that wasn’t the biggest news, because he also announced that he’s…a yogi.

When pressed about his “rumored” yoga fandom, Boehner did not flinch. Oh no, the government, er the interview did not shut down.

“One thing I heard a rumor about, that you might be able to admit, now that you’re leaving…Do you do yoga?” asks CBS’ “Face The Nation” host with a cautiousness reserved only for talking about Fight Club on national television (which, as you know, is so beyond against the rules), and yoga, apparently.

(If you think we’re being silly here, CBS titled the interview segment, “John Boehner: Yes I Do Yoga.” We can’t wait for the tell-all memoir.)

“I do,” Boehner bravely admits to the public. “I’m not as diligent about it lately as I used to [be]…about a year ago. Matter of fact, I thought about it this morning. It’s great for my back.”

Huh. We suppose that means some politicians aren’t as crooked as we thought they were. bah-dum tsh!

And then he said it helps his golf game. We bet his yoga practice helps with stress, too, but maybe that’s not something he’s ready to admit on TV yet. (We’re telling you, wait for the book.)

So there you have it, what will the Republican Congressman from Ohio do now? Practice yoga, play golf, and have tea parties, that involve actual tea, we’d have to guess, now that he’s been outed. No looking back now, John.

As for the rest of Congress…?

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Watch the interview clip below. Or here.

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  • “’I do,’ Boehner bravely admits to the public.” – Hahaha this is GOLD.

  • John

    It was also obvious he had a few drinks before or during that interview. That’s where his courage came from!

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