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New Dark Comedy Exposes ‘Underbelly’ Of The Yoga World

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“Welcome to the underbelly of the yoga world.”

In a world…where yoga teachers are valued based on the number of their Instagram followers…praised for their savvy marketing skills…one freedom fighter exposes the false reality of it all, revealing the yoga lifestyle is not all its cracked up to be.

Some people may wonder why we do what we do here at YD. It’s because we care, but we’ll let this video trailer of “Namaste, Bitches” help to explain.* (Yes, that title phrase has been used lots, but it’s actually pretty suitable here.)

“You have the most certifications but you’re not the most popular.”

There’s lying, drugs, superficiality, complete and utter disregard for yoga’s core teachings and students’ wellbeing…OK, it’s a little nutty, but it’s not so far off from the real life world of yoga teaching. It’s just an exaggerated and hilarious satirical version of it and we have to say we love it. It’s the best thing we’ve seen since “Om City” – which we also highly recommend. Today’s yoga is its own animal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t skewer and laugh at it.

The full online release will be Sunday, October 18th (10pm eastern, 7pm pacific). Stay tuned. For now you can watch the official trailer and the debauch-y teaser below.

*Note: we’ve only seen the two videos below so far.

Official trailer:






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  • tiniertina

    This is a little too mean-spirited. Maybe Nicole Arbour of “Dear Fat People” infamy (though she’s from the dance world), might have been a shoo-in for a role in this.

    They could take a page from Hollywood Cycle, but maybe in this format they can’t …

    Sorry, but so close to home this is. Ya don’t get people so angry they want to throw things … you only get them a little angry ….

  • S.

    Art imitates life. Can’t say that this is too off base. Just try going into the Yoga Room group on Facebook. That’s probably where the writers got the material for the series.

  • tiniertina

    The only Yoga Room I know about is in Astoria, Queens. The reason they think they’re hot is because they offer hot yoga. I had heard enough about them from others. Now THAT’S a thing. Skewer hot yoga, for instance – skewer just one subject at a time – and that all makes a series. With a timeline, plot and happenings. Yeah, my bad in trying to compare and contrast them with a relatively slow-timeline reality series.

  • Catchy title even if the theme nor the trailer is particularly appealing to me. But I suppose we’ll find out on Oct 18.

  • SMH

    By the pissy reactions of some yoga “bitches”, and from what I have seen here in the Valley, I say it is a pretty accurate depiction, albeit a bit satirical.

    @S- almost anything on Facebook is pretty much superficial, artificial, and self-important bs promoted by fake, selfie addicted, instagram posers! Not really a shock there.
    The level of ignorance and negativity on Facebook alone made my blood boil, heart rate rise and drove me away after anxiety attacks. It literally made me hate people. I finally just deactivated my account and left! I just couldn’t tolerate the nastiness and hypocrisy of so many, who I knew were truly NOTHING like what they claimed on there, with their pretentious “positive” and condescending quotes, which they never adhered to personally. These included my own family members who I have since banished from my life. Ugh!
    Yeah…. Western Modern Yoga has a very ugly and negative side pushed by nasty, pretentious, fake people.

    • tiniertina

      Oh, well, I guess the yoga world needed the actual #Socalitybarbie of mirrors flashing the light back in their face.
      All that superfluous and much-too-little-too-late self-reflection doesn’t make me any closer to getting back to commercialized yoga because budget, poverty, age, etc.

      I’d paid for classes (not a yoga teacher training) parceled out over a years’ long period of time … not a yoga teacher training. For what I’d needed. Once I’d shot my $1K wad, I was outta there!

      Unfortunately, I’m mellowing; after a lengthy, lengthy hiatus (almost 2 years) Facebook stands a better chance of getting me back; and only because of scattered (if some grossly superannuated #Socalitybarbie types on there) family ….

      It’s obvious these frustrated teachers are branching out and monetizing in the arts, if not in teaching yoga, proper (or properly, for that matter) … or some more related holistic discipline …

      Maybe one day, Netflix might pick something more refined of such, (after further development), up.

  • Dwayne

    Gack. Thank goodness I live and practice yoga in the hinterlands!
    Seems well-done for what it is, but not at all to my taste. YMMV.

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