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YD LOTW: Murder Pants, Barbie Instagram, Yoga Perverts, YogaWorks Keeps Expanding

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September 11, 2015: It’s YD LOTW! Our semi-regular weekly post sharing all the linkies we might have missed or didn’t post about but are worth a mention. Check in on Fridays for your weekly catch up. Sign up here for our weekly newsletter bringing you all the yogadorkiness straight to your inbox.

  • What happens when you decide to make your own perfect yoga pants? A lot of pinning, cutting and winning over “murder pants.” Kind of.
  • Montreal yoga clothing brand Lole is making some big moves in the customer-engagement marketing department. Sounds pretty familiar.
  • This recap of Lole’s White Tour event in Central Park is worth a read. And not only because the author did a no-no and wore purple.
  • Did you hear about the Barbie Instagram account and pass it off as not worth your time? You are mistaken. It so, so is. Enjoy.
  • There’s a yoga pervert in town. Apparently some a-hole tried to “assist” a woman practicing yoga in Central Park and sexually harassed her instead. Public yoga-ers, be alert and never accept yoga assists from strangers.
  • YogaWorks continues to grow, recently buying up two independently run studios in Boston bringing their total count of yoga studios across the country to 40. “We really believe that we do a good job of integration and bringing in other studios,” YogaWorks chief executive Phil Swain said. Acquisitions “let us pick up a lot of teachers, students, and existing studios in the market.” Forty is a LOT, but they’re still not caught up to their biggest competitor, CorePower Yoga, who have 104 studios as of September 2014. And soon we’ll wonder where all the mom and pop studios went.

That’s it for this week. We leave you with this…



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