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Yoga’s Newest Cute Overload Companions: Bunnies!

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In case you weren’t satisfied with the adorableness of yoga with adoptable kitties, a non-profit group in Vancouver has organized a special yoga event where you can practice your rabbit pose with the best of them.

Small Animal Rescue Society of British Columbia created the bunny yoga event to help raise money and awareness for the rabbits and other small animals they rescue and help find forever homes.

“Enjoy the benefits of yoga as you deepen your connection to these fascinating beings with whom we share this planet,” the facebook event page says.


Cute! The bunnies will be supervised, of course. Just a word to the wise, though…might want to leave your carrot yoga pants at home that day.


Carrot yoga pants! | image via poshmark.com

The October 4th event is already sold out, but it sounds like since it was such an immediate hit they’ll be planning more in the future.

We think this kind of thing is a brilliant and lovely idea. Maybe if we yoga’d with more animals and creatures we’d find more compassion for them, for our planet and for each other. Let’s go through all of the animal poses! (OK, maybe we’ll skip the scorpion.)

[h/t HuffPo]



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  • Too cute! It’s illegal to have a pet rabbit in Queensland, Australia. We have a huge rabbit population that threatens our native animals. But maybe we could have another animal for yoga day. Snakes, crocodiles or kangaroos…

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