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YD Giveaway: Win A Full Scholarship To Kids Yoga Teacher Training At Yogi Beans NYC

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Happy September! It’s back-to-school time which gives us no better reason and no greater joy to host this wonderful opportunity to learn the ABCs of being a kids yoga teacher. In collab with Yogi Beans, a super cool kids yoga studio in NYC, we’re happy to be giving away one FULL scholarship to their Basic Kids Yoga Teacher Training coming up in October. How ’bout them apples? (heh)

If you’re a yoga teacher and have been thinking about working with kids, or maybe you’re a school teacher and want to hone in on your yoga chops for the classroom, this might be the perfect time to take the plunge. Free training opportunities don’t come around too often. Plus, besides being incredibly rewarding, teaching kids yoga also looks like a pretty fun time.

More details below!

About YB:

Yogi Beans has a mission to honor the innate energies of children’s bodies, minds and hearts through yoga.

Yogi Beans was formed in 2010 and since then they’ve built an educational and fun program offering yoga to kids ages 2-10, and even adapting their syllabus to meet the needs of children in over 30 private and public schools throughout New York City, Westchester, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. Their teaching is designed to “develop children’s abilities to focus (attention), stand up straight (posture), move their limbs with control (coordination) and grace (flexibility), and find inner strength (self–confidence).” Read more about YB and their specialized TT program here.

Giveaway Details:

This giveaway is for one full scholarship for Yogi Beans 25-hour BASIC KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING (for kids 2-10 years), October 10/2/15 – 10/4/15 dates only ($750 value)

Location: Yogi Beans studio – 1018 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10021 (between 72nd & 73rd)
Dates: 10/2/2015 (FRI) – 10/4/2015 (SUN)
Time: FRI & SAT 9:00am – 6:00pm; SUN 10:00am – 5:00pm
Total hours: 25
Questions & Enrollment: Contact Yogi Beans at 212-585-BEAN (2326) or teachertraining@yogibeans.com

IMPORTANT: Winner must be able to attend the weekend of October 2-4, 2015 in NYC. The scholarship can not be applied to another training date.

TO ENTER: Kids across the country are headed back to school right now. AHH! Even though we’re well past our elementary days, we just can’t seem to shake that back-to-school feeling (read: jitters, nerves and excitement!). In a way, we’re all students still, right? But if we had the chance to tell our younger jittery selves a piece of advice we surely would. For this giveaway, let’s have some fun and all jump back in our time machines. Share with us (and time travel you) some bit of advice that the older wiser you might’ve given your younger self if given the chance. Leave your words of wisdom in the comments below.

Submissions accepted until 11:59pm Monday, September 7th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!  

UPDATE: And the winner is…Fernie! Congrats! Thank you all so much for being your wise selves (then and now).



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  • Kelly

    It’s okay to go with the flow.

  • It is ok if you haven’t figured out what your talent or skills are by the time you are “supposed to” make a decision. Many people that are considered successful didn’t know what they were doing until they accidentally stumbled into something that worked. It is ok to try lots of different things and find different methods of failure, and to interpret success differently each time you attempt something. Just keep learning, keep an open mind, push yourself, and try everything. Don’t be hard on yourself, be kind to others, and keep an eye out for opportunities. The more things that you try to accomplish that are outside your comfort zone, whether they work out or not, the more likely you will be to discover some talent that was within you all along. Good luck and be brave!

  • “Pick you No’s Wisely,” my dad (he is a goofball). When raising kids, teaching a class, leading a team or being a manager – “pick your no’s wisely,” because if you tell everyone they can’t do something or try certain things – then when something really important comes along that you don’t want them to do, your “no” will be less significant. 🙂 Wish I had listened more, I spent too much time “sweating the small stuff.”

  • Lisa

    worry less about what people think of you, focus on knowing and loving yourself.

  • Focus on being kind to as many people as you can and don’t worry about being “cool.” Eventually being yourself and being nice makes you the cool kid, even though you’ve only become an even bigger, more awkward dork with age. Courage and vulnerability eventually win the day. So keep faith and keep smiling (the braces eventually come off!).

    Then I’d give myself a really long hug so I could lighten just a little bit of her self-consciousness and anxiety-even if just for a moment.

  • Allison Ridgway

    It’s okay to feel scared, we all do from time to time. This big world can be scary, with so many people to meet and things to learn! But please don’t be afraid to let your light shine, honey. That light is what makes you, you! And in this great big world, there is only ONE you! Stand tall, be proud, take chances…it’s okay to make mistakes, that’s how we grow and learn! Promise me, when you start feeling scared or wish you could hide behind your mom’s skirt, take a few deep breaths, smile, and let your light shine! Don’t be afraid to be you, you’re perfect honey…just the way you are.

  • joanna

    Find the balance and time management between work and play.
    It will probably be tempting to hang out with friends and do fun activities rather than doing homework, but both are equally important.
    Take advantage of the information you’re receiving through an education — something inaccessible to many around the world.
    Give the task at hand your all, absorb as much information as you can, and challenge your own way of thinking.
    When you feel satisfied with your outcome, treat yourself to some deserved recreational time and relax.

  • Before speaking inhale deeply through nose, long exhale, open mouth, begin to speak calmly. If I’d only done this most of my life it would have been so much more peaceful!

  • Harmony Eshkawkogan

    Arrive on time, with an open mind
    Always leave negative energy behind
    Aim your thoughts to be more kind
    Allow the breathe to gently decline
    Accept when need to be realigned
    And let the mind, body, spirit be intertwined
    Aspire for balance is what you will find

  • Julie

    Quit getting in your own way. That small town isn’t everything. The world is so much bigger than that, and you WILL get to experience it. Live and let live and beautiful things are about to happen to you. Open your mind and let them happen.

  • Jamie

    I’m a special ed teacher at a hospital in Philadelphia. The particular population of children teach me everyday. Most important lesson is to never give up.. There is always a way to succeed.. It just may be different.

  • Jamie johnson

    I am a special ed teacher at a hospital in Philadelphia. This population of children and families teach me every day. Most important lesson is to not give up…there is always a way to succeed … It just may be different.

  • Jamie johnson

    I am a special ed teacher at a hospital in Philadelphia. These kids and families teach me everyday. Most important lesson is to never give up.. There is always a way to succeed… It just may be different.

  • Fernie

    I would tell myself: “It’s ok to be different.” Learning to embrace who I am – whether that’s how I look different than most people I know or if that’s the quirkiness in me – is one of the most important lessons in my life. Embrace what makes you YOU! Celebrate that no one else is the same as YOU!

  • Its okay to not be the smartest. Its okay to fail in the school system. There are other ways to learn that don’t involve “school”. There are other ways to succeed than academics, After the 4th grade my parents home schooled me because my learning disability was causing me to hate learning, reading and being around people “smarter” then me. I teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation to at-risk low income youth because if I had had those tools I might have been able to handle the stress of school better. I did love being home schooled. It instilled a lifelong love of self directed learning.

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