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That Time Amy Smart Led A Yoga Lesson With Jane Lynch And All The Celebs On Hollywood Game Night

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Did anyone else catch this last night? We happen to love Hollywood Game Night, and of course the Emmy-winning beloved and hilarious host Jane Lynch, so we were already tuned in when celebrity guest Amy Smart gave the whole room a yoga lesson.

It went like this (please pardon our excitedly-snapped screen grabs):

During guest introductions, Lynch mentioned that actress Amy Smart is also a yoga teacher, of kundalini, to be specific.

Jane: “I actually love kundalini.”

Amy: “Do you know breath of fire?”

Jane: “I do!” ::proceeds to pump air out of nose::


Amy: “The best way to teach it is if you can pant like a dog. Close your mouth. And pump in your navel point.”


Jane: “Do boogers ever shoot out?”

Amy: “Sometimes!”


Comedian Paul Scheer: “Should we all do it?”

(Us: YES!)

And then they all did.

Stars of ABC sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat,” Randall Park, Constance Wu, and Paul Scheer gave it a try.


The cast of “Fresh Off the Boat” – Randall Park, Constance Wu, and Paul Scheer practice their breath of fire.

So did contestant Ginger and her celebrity teammates Green Bay Packer Randall Cobb and SNL star Bobby Moynihan, led by kind kundalini-er Smart.


Contestant Ginger, Amy Smart, Randall Cobb and Bobby Moynihan have a pensive pranayama moment on Hollywood Game Night.

Adorable YogaPop moments like this make our yogadork hearts go pitter patter. (yoga. dorks.)

Amy Smart is not only a kundalini teacher and practitioner, she’s an eco-friendly activist and environmentalist who uses meditation and yoga to keep herself balanced.

You can watch the full Hollywood Game night episode here.




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