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Yoga, The Broadway Musical?

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Casey Hayden, left, Kristin Towers-Rowles and Espiridion Magana star in "Sex, Love, & Yoga." | photo credit: Bren Coombs

Casey Hayden, left, Kristin Towers-Rowles and Espiridion Magana star in “Sex, Love, & Yoga.” | photo credit: Bren Coombs

Yoga, something to sing about! All the yoga mat’s a stage. There’s no business like nadi shodhana business. The yoga must go on! OK, we’re done (for now). Yoga might not be ready for its TONY award quite yet, but it has found its way to the theater stage through “SEX, LOVE, & YOGA,” a new musical “about yoga and its power to help us transform from the inside out” which premiered in West Hollywood this past weekend.

No one asked for a yoga musical, but hey, we’re still listening. With yoga playing such a huge role in many people’s lives these days, it’s not so surprising it has a big role to play in the performance arena. (For context: there are musicals about everything else under the sun – demon barbers, man-eating plants, a beloved 90s sitcom…you get the picture – so we suppose why not yoga?)

While not as interactive or meditative as the four hour-long “Mindfulness Opera” the premise sounds pretty intriguing.

More about the show via Broadway World:

Imagine that you’ve just met your soul mate. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and even spiritual. There’s just one problem. He’s gay and you’re not.

Sex, Love, and Yoga tells the story of two people with a spiritual connection who choose to push past their personal, physical, and spiritual boundaries in order to find out what lies beyond our labels.

Sex, Love & Yoga is a provocative new musical that invites the audience to enter into the everyday lives of seven individuals, as they attempt to navigate love and communication, whether identifying as gay, straight, transgender, or something in-between. It’s about yoga and its power to help us transform from the inside out. Men, women, gay, straight, and those of us who find their identities fall somewhere in-between these labels, will see themselves in this show.

Full of discussion-provoking moments, this show delves deep into real life sexual issues such as the challenge of a sex-less marriage, overcoming sexual trauma, and sharing personal histories, as well as the excitement of a new love or finding passion in an old one. With sensitivity, humor and candor, Sex, Love & Yoga is touchingly honest and truly delightful.

Watching this show offers the rare gift of experiencing transformation, along with the characters on stage, through the experiences of sex, love & yoga.

Certainly provocative enough. All that AND we get musical numbers? Could this be our millennial “Rent”? “SEX, LOVE, & YOGA,” written and directed by playwright Kate Sullivan Gibbens will run through August 30th at Macha Theatre in West Hollywood. We hope it does well because we’re not sure we could stand a musical version of the phenomenon that was “Eat, Pray, Love” that is surely, most undoubtedly already sprouting in the mind of some opportunistic Broadway producer.* We can see the Italian pasta pas de deux now!

(*unless the stage version also stars Javier Bardem, then we could maybe be persuaded.)




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