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Miley Cyrus Shares Peaceful Yoga Photo (But With One Major Problem)

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Miley Cyrus, a “yoga superstar”? Sure, if the media says so! But that’s how they talk about every celebriyogi posting yoga pics on Instagram (and there are more than a few). We happen to like this photo the wild child pop star and avid yoga practitioner recently posted of herself bound up in Marichyasana D, and we’re sharing it for a couple of reasons.

One: While still an “advanced pose” it’s a breath of fresh air, pun intended, in a tornado of handstand and arm balance pics, which are fine and whatever (we know Miley has done her share of those, too), but it’s an interesting twist…er…so to speak. (Side note: Miley, for being known as somewhat of an exhibitionist, her yoga pics appear rather tame by comparison. Just an observation.)

Two: We have a problem, but it’s not with Miley. The media has a habit of getting all hyperbolic and “omg, yoga superstar!” about everything, in this case noting Miley’s arms “looking toned and muscular” which, honestly, isn’t shocking (because tabloid rags), but that just helps to perpetuate the false narrative that all yogis are clearly thin and “fit” and must be placed on a yoga prototype pedestal. This. Is incredibly frustrating. “Cyrus, 22, didn’t explain the occasion – her fit body speaks for itself” says People magazine. Blergh, oh really? What is it saying?

What we see is a gal having a peaceful moment practicing a (yes, fairly difficult) yoga pose by a teepee and some horse statues(?) with a caption full of sunflower emojis. Why can’t that just be it? She wanted to share this moment, and that’s cool, sister. We don’t care if you’re a yoga superstar, whatever that means.



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  • Agree wholeheartedly. Perpetuating the stereotype that yoga is only for the thin is a problem.

    In addition, I often see media writing about celebs being “yoga superstars” — often even when the pose is done incorrectly or even unsafely (severe rounding of spine in forward folds, open, turned out hips in standing bow, etc.) A pretty pose/pic does not equal yoga. And media shouldn’t promote it to consumers as such.

  • Agree with your observations. I still don’t think selfies in yoga poses say “internal practice” to me. Advanced poses are beautiful, but what about the 60+ year old who can hold a “simple” pose with strength, balance and grace? They aren’t as likely to send out a selfie and yet, their practice is also celebrated!

  • Mel

    Media can really give the wrong impression. Yoga is not about being thin, having the perfect body, and wearing the coolest clothes. That’s not what yoga is about. Yoga is not about ego or getting into the perfect pose. It’s about self love, breathing and challenging your body to make you feel good.

  • Yoga is indeed about getting rid of excess body fat, which has numerous negative effects on the bodymind that interfere with the goals of yoga, which, incidentally, is not simply “to feel good about yourself.” That does not translate into myley-thin for everbody, but it does exclude nonsense such as declaring you are a yogin and you are keeping your excess 100+ pounds and you are proud of it and you other folks just have to get used to it, so there. The only problem on display here is envy of the author, who feels she needs more attention than the world apparently wants to give her.

  • Really i am Agree with your remarks. Yoga is perfect way for remove excess body fat.

  • This is absolutely true–people and the media should stop perpetuating “thin yogis” because yoga is for everyone! I salute Miley Cyrus for being into yoga, but I wish people would notice the practice/position, not just solely her body. 🙂

  • One: While still an “advanced pose” it’s a breath of fresh air, pun intended, in a tornado of handstand and arm balance pics, which are fine

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