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Kali, Goddess of Darkness, Lights Up Empire State Building (PHOTOS)

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kali-empire-state-buildingThe top of the Empire State Building is famous for its specially themed lighting (green for St. Patrick’s Day, rainbow for Gay Pride, etc.) but recently we’ve been treated tp much more of a show, along with a deeper message.

Last week, huge images of endangered animals were projected on the building’s facade as part of Projecting Change an art exhibition by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos. Drawing attention to wildlife extinction the show shed light, literally, on the human impact on these creatures, including the most recent killing of Cecil the Lion. It also highlighted some hope/urgency in the form of an enormous and magical Kali, the Hindu goddess of darkness, designed by artist Android Jones, which closed out the exhibition.


The dark mother of time, death and change, Kali was summoned to signify the reality of darkness and the wake-up call to alter our ways.

“This Kali apparition over Manhattan may be our last warning. Fierce protectress of truth, she tells it like it is, she beckons us to dive into the dark, to face the stark reality of the global ecological crisis upon us, and to let heartbreak be the ground from which we awaken and serve.” (via Rebelle Society)


We’re not entirely sure the locals got it though. As one facebook commenter put it “For all i know…most New Yorkers are probably looking at that image and wondering…”why is there a black miley cyrus on the empire state??”

Still, Kali and her fierceness stole the show.

All images via Android Jones facebook



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  • arlet

    this is so coooool!!! http://extendyoga.com

  • Kathy

    I thought of God when I saw it, we pass him by every moment, Trust says let us pray, give God thanks for He created the world we live in and our very breath, such a small thing to do to give acknowledgement and attention to God, I would more rather see a cross on the empire state building for the cross is why we are all still on this earth that God has created, this idol seems to glorify what our attention and gratitude goes too, this is not me judging because I certaintly can not throw a single stone yet knowing each moment Grace is given that we can bow and trust in God for the animals that are dying and for each of us who receive without giving God thanks, so thank you for image because it does point straight to absolute truth…

    • IAmMe

      Lolololololololol….lay the pipe DOWN you have literally NO clue who and what Kali is …nothing to do with god

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