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LeBron James Bringing Yoga To Pro Basketball’s Next Generation

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LeBron James leads yoga at Nike basketball Academy inn June. | photo credit: @sheilamikailli

LeBron James leads yoga at Nike Basketball Academy in June. | photo credit: @sheilamikailli

LeBron James is teaching the youth all about the yog. LeBron, known to us as LeBrogi, seems he’s been keeping up with his Lebroga, and he’s been teaching it to the kids, too. (And by kids we mean up-and-coming basketballers, as well as some lucky little mini pre-adults.) According to Isaiah Taylor, a talented athlete from the University of Texas who was ambushed by TMZ, LeBron taught yoga to a whole bunch of high school and college kids, aka the “best athletes in the country” a few weeks ago at Nike’s Basketball Academy in L.A.

“It was harder than I expected,” said Taylor who had never practiced yoga before that early morning session in June (and we’re pretty sure he wasn’t the only one).

While LeBron didn’t necessarily teach the class – there was an actual yoga teacher present – it seems like he helped lead it which is pretty cool. Thanks to the overzealous interviewer we learned that LeBron’s yoga’s got game, or whatever the hip kids say these days.

“He’s told us that [yoga]’s part of his routine, especially being in the NBA and taking care of his body,” Taylor said even though he wasn’t sure if he himself was ready to make yoga part of his own regular routine…yet. You’re right, kid. Yoga isn’t easy, it’s true (and we’re talking more than asana, here), but that’s the point.

Lots of basketball players, as well as athletes in general, whether pro or amateur, have found yoga and meditation to be helpful in various ways like improving body awareness, enhancing mind-body connection, increasing breath control, preventing injury or what we like to refer to as prehabilitation, and conditioning the body and mind for faster responses and rehabilitation should injuries happen. An athlete’s body takes a lickin’ but yoga helps it keep on tickin’…if you will, which is important if you want a long and healthy career in sports. With LeBron James considered one of the best athletes in the world, we have a feeling yoga might begin to catch on even more with basketball’s next generation.



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  • Jen

    Similar to the way ballet makes better hip hop dancers, yoga is so important in sports. With yoga you can realistically reduce injury, increase body awareness and improve strength based skills. Bravo for calling attention to this!!

  • Trace

    Why don’t you research Kareem and yoga…Says that’s how he was still playing at age 42.

  • david dawson

    Yoga has 8 to 10 different benefits to improve your person, I can not believe how young world class athlete and” the common man” does not know or believe those undeniable spectacular health mind physical mystical on and on. I’m out

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  • Nice post LeBron James Bringing Yoga To Pro Basketball’s Next Generation . Thanks for sharing information.

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  • Nice and very unique post… Thank you very much…

  • Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts with us & our readers.

  • wow this is nice post about yoga into basketball, nice topic though, keep it up, thanks for sharing.

  • This is incredible. Atta boy Lebron! Steph Curry hits the sensory deprivation tank regularly. Basketball players have finally gotten hip to the hippies.

  • THis Yoga iS giveme BEst Result, Thanks For Sharing it

  • Lovely post…Yoga is very important exercise for the people….no matter whats the age…

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