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Yogis Arrested At Peaceful Protests To Protect Their Home

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Photo courtesy of Lindsay Speer/We Are Seneca Lake

Photo credit: Lindsay Speer/We Are Seneca Lake

“Our Lives Hang In The Balance” and “Bending Over Backward” read the signs of the peaceful yoga protesters on a mission to save Seneca Lake in upstate New York. Local law enforcement arrested 10 of these yogi protestors early Wednesday morning to the soundtrack of a lone cello player (it’s true, they had a cellist accompany the yoga). No, they were not arrested for improper alignment or lack of fashionable yoga clothing – it was the real police, not the yoga police.

The protesting yogis are members of We Are Seneca Lake, an group organized in stark opposition to an extension of methane gas storage to be built in salt caverns near Seneca Lake, led by energy company Crestwood Midstream. The arrests were apparently for trespassing on Crestwood property.

Says Kim Knight who was arrested Wednesday: “I am here today because big out-of-town businesses like Crestwood, who are more concerned with profit than common sense, health, or the environment, should not be able to dictate what happens to our region,” said Knight. “Fossil fuels as power should not be being expanded; there are plenty of other renewable ways to create energy and power, and that is what we should be focused on.”

image via Finger Lakes Times

Yogis were arrested at Wednesday morning protest. | Image via Finger Lakes Times

The protests have been ongoing for nine months, and the yogis arrested Wednesday are part of another 270 people who have been arrested a total of 319 times since the beginning of the protests, according to WASL. Perhaps they thought yoga would be a better way to draw more attention to the cause and still remain peaceful. It seems they may have been right.

“When we practice yoga, we often dedicate our practice each day as an offering to something we love,” Anastasia Benson, who was also arrested Wednesday, said via press release from We Are Seneca Lake. “Today we do it for the future of Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes region.”

Something tells us this is a persistent group of yoga protestors and they’re not going to let a few arrests break their peaceful stride.



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  • Lauren

    It’s unusual to see yoginis engage the social and political world in a way that doesn’t just reduce to —


    Maybe there’s hope after all…

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