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98 Degrees, Hot Yoga, And Beer – Nick Lachey Does Bikram To Promote Bud Light (True Story)

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Lachey-asana in 98 degrees. | photo credit: Rebecca Fishbein/Gothamist

Lachey-asana in 98 degrees. | photo credit: Rebecca Fishbein/Gothamist

Is it hot in here? If you would’ve asked our 90s teenage selves what we thought then boy band 98 Degrees would be doing in 2015, leading a hot yoga class would not have even made “the hardest thing” list. And yet, there they are, the Lacheys – Nick and Drew, half of 98 Degrees – in a NYC Bikram studio co-leading a gaggle of sweaty yogis and press people through a sequence of steamy poses on Bud Light yoga mats for just one night (una noche). The pun-derfulness would have been perfect, except Bikram is done in 105 degrees. Dang it, Lacheys!

The stunt was part of a “Bud Light-sponsored “Summer Bucket List” gimmick” as Rebecca Fishbein at Gothamist put it. Unfortunately, the class ended up being a lame put-on and a big letdown.

Turns out this wasn’t so much a yoga class as an attempt to market #BuddLyte to millennial women, most of whom apparently can’t complete Summer 2015 without twisting themselves into shapes in front of former boy band members. The room was heated to 98 degrees—duh—instead of the requisite 104, and Nick and Drew, outfitted in #Bud#LiiGhT branded t-shirts, teamed up with instructor Donna to lead us through about 20 minutes worth of postures. Since this was a room predominantly full of people who write for women’s magazines, everyone was an expert yogi, and 20 seconds of standing bow wasn’t going to cut it.

A bucket of Bud Light appeared after the short practice/show to…celebrate? hydrate? drown in crappy beer sorrows?

Buds. | photo credit: Rebecca Fishbein/Gothamist

Buds. | photo credit: Rebecca Fishbein/Gothamist

Seems like everyone’s hopping on the yogi beerwagon, lately. At least Bud is practically all water anyway. Kind of leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, though. Does it need to be a weird (and very obvious) corporate sell-out?

Before class ended, Bikram Yoga NYC co-owner Donna Rubin made sure to slip in her inspirational message product plug.

After all, as instructor Donna said right before we closed out class, “I really think Bud Light is the best thing.”

We’d say that’s right on the money.



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