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Yoga Mats That Look Like Skateboards Rolling Out (Sort Of)

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No they don’t have wheels…yet. Some people want to make your yoga mat way funkier than it is, and we’re not talking about a stinky health hazard. (Phew.) These new “fashion yoga mats” from Spiritual Revolution feature designs from many of the artists you’d typically find covering the graffiti’d walls or skateboards at a skate park.

Skateboard yoga mats. Oh! We’ve got a slogan…”Skateboard Yoga Mats: Slow Your Roll” or “Skateboard Yoga Mats: Roll One Up!” Hm. Maybe not.

You see, before yoga mats were apparently boring and lame. But that’s all in the past.

“Until now, the yoga mat has been a monochromatic canvas waiting for artistic expression,” the website states. “At Spiritual Revolution, we felt there was a demand to introduce some style and individuality into the yogi’s practice through the yoga mat.”


Maybe don’t try this at home or at a skate park or probably anywhere else no matter what cool yoga mat you have.

Holly Rogers, founder of Spiritual Revolution, explains her inspiration:

“A good friend of mine is a yoga instructor in Doylestown, and I was leaving her class one day when I thought to myself, Skateboards have awesome art on them. Why aren’t yoga mats the same?” she told PhillyMag.

They’re not the first to put out decorative yoga mats, but it’s an interesting approach. Some of the artists featured on the mats have included Drew Brophy, Dore’ Vorum, JohnFtheArtist, Billy the Artist, Pam Longobardi, and Rogers, herself.


It’s safe to say many of us live in a world with an endless desire for self-expression to satisfy our need to feel unique and individual. Everything has become an extension of our personal tastes, thanks to fashion and customization. We’ve seen it seep into yoga with all the fancy yoga clothing, jewelry and accessories you can adorn yourself with. We’ve also seen it creep onto your yoga mats like a thing from the abyss, or a cute puppy? There are more types and colors and styles and even smells of yoga mats these days, so why not have your yoga mat look like a skateboard? We guess that’s the question.

Or is it, what CAN’T you put on a yoga mat? Cocaine, maybe. However you bedazzle your mat (oh, thank goodness that hasn’t caught on) just please don’t bring anything to class like the one in this video.

When do we get the decorate at home paint-by-numbers DIY your yoga mat kit? Shout out to anyone who remembers the magic of Spin Art.



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  • There’s another ‘company’ (a lovely couple in Chicago) doing similar work but also creating a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.
    They have ‘Yogi Representatives’ who find artists to create a mat with the teacher’s custom designs. When a mat is sold, the yogi’s & artists all share a bit of the proceed and the mats are high quality Eco mats.
    It’s a great concept of communal business model … and also making great and inspiring designs for mats too!

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  • Hey these yoga mats are amazing! Even I’d look pretty cool doing yoga now.

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