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Radio Host Pranks Yoga Class With Help From Sophie Monk (And Farts, Of Course!)

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Yoga Punk. | image via www.kiis1065.com.au

Yoga farts, crazy mats, kooky oms, oh my. The makings of a yoga class punked, but maybe not too far from reality? In this case, Australian radio host and punk master Jackie O aims to pull a silly prank on an unsuspecting yoga class, enlisting the help of British actress Sophie Monk who undauntingly plays along doing everything she’s told to do through a hidden microphone. You can imagine what ensues.

As silly as this seems, we’d bet some of this reminds you of certain yoga classes you’ve taken and/or certain characters you’ve encountered on a nearby mat? Life = comedy.

Our favorite part might have to be the decked out yoga mat she shows up with, literally with bells on. Oh, and the random awkward assists. Keep your hands and feet inside your yoga mat at all times.




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  • They really put that yoga teacher thru her paces! She remained so open!

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  • They were so awful to that poor unsuspecting yoga teacher…..but very very amusing. And credit to Sophie for fully playing along. Brilliant….or as the Aussies would say “Gold”!!

  • Pareet

    That’s hilarious! Kudos to the rest of the class who carried on their own practice without making too big a deal about the mischief!

  • I admire the yoga teacher. Well done – you are awesome. And the whole video is so funny.

  • Thanks that’s funny .Well done hope is best

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