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‘Car Yoga’: Buick Hops On Happiness Bandwagon (Supermodel Not Included)

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Buick's Puppy Dog Prep.

Buick’s Puppy Dog Prep.

You’re about to buy a new car. But WAIT…can you practice yoga in it? Buick is hoping you’ll ask yourself that very question. Banking on the swelling wellness trend, Buick plays to the yoga-loving crowd in their latest campaign to sell their cars and their message of “happiness,” inspired by said cars, to folks who hopefully no longer associate the brand with old people and uncoolness.

“The road is an extension of the earth. And our car is an extension of our body.” Ehhh…we detect a bit of a stretch there, Buick.

Introducing Car Yoga, from the files of “Somebody Had To Do It.” With the help of Adam Levine’s yoga teacher, Chad Dennis, and supermodel yoga fan Bar Refaeli, we are treated to moves like Seated Mountain Pose, neck stretches, and a modified Warrior One – all fairly helpful poses for drivers and all done while NOT driving the car (they should really emphasize this more.) That’s all fine. No brain surgery here. Good to get up and move your body when you’ve been cooped up in a car frozen in your sit and stare position for a long period of time. (Pro tip: Try breathing a bit, too. That helps. Also, always carry at least one spare yoga outfit with you at all times. You never know when the perfect wind machine will strike. See video.)

The car yoga is part of a larger campaign promoting Buick’s 24-hour “Happiness Test Drive” where you get to take the car home for a night for yoga, drinks, maybe dinner and a movie, whatever makes you crazy kids happy. They’ve even spoken to an expert on positive psychology aka happiness to provide tips on destressing while driving. Of course, you don’t need a Buick for any of this, but their hope is that you’ll make a connection between their brand and a “heightened sense of well-being.”

Give us a car that works and doesn’t break down. That would do it! But what do we know, we’re car-less city dwellers.

Drivers, we do hope you’ll try these yoga moves the next time you’re in your car parked in the center of a giant cat’s almost empty water dish in Giant Land, or when you’re pulling over in the middle of the desert and the wind catches your hair just right to blow it back luxuriously and not in your sticky sweaty face because it’s not super hot from the desert sun.

Car yoga responsibly.



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  • The sign of a good commercial is when the viewer desires the object of the commercial. They didn’t succeed for me.

  • Richard Koffler

    Will this work next time I’m parked on the San Diego Freeway (the 405) during rush hour? I’ll trade my car for the Buick it comes with a hologram-on-demand of the model in video.

  • My Body is a Low-Rent District

    Women have been capitalist product whores for a very, very long time. When Paris Hilton washed a soapy car, she did it with far more grace and elan than this robotic bimbo. It’s refreshing, though, that we have finally gotten beyond booties and pants and into hard-core commodity fetishism in America — the auto, the symbol of boundless “freedom” and the source of so many of our troubles. It’s not even a hybrid, not an electric car, just the same old death machine, with yoga providing the fresh Hindu “gloss.” Ah, lipstick on a pig. Do yogis really care? Not really, it’s all about the Benjamins now. Let’s face it guys: Yoga is a thoroughly mainstream non-contestational movement, and so is this web site. Own it. Just make sure you bring a condom to your next “auto”-erotic rape-fest. It may provide some modest protection for your soul. By the way, is this a “Body Positive” ad? I cant tell!

  • Lauren

    I’d be more impressed if Matthew McConaughey suddenly cruised by in his caddie, and she jumped in the passenger seat and started going down on him. Wait, I shouldn’t be giving away these ad concepts for free!

  • Lauren

    Here’s Barf Really playing tennis in her underwear.

    I just love her meditative style!!

    “Hey, Girl, I see what you’re trying to do.”

    Uh huh, I do.

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