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Woman Does Yoga By Ocean, Ocean Has Other Ideas (VIDEO)

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That time the ocean reaaally wasn’t so into your beach yoga. Seriously, if it’s not cats sabotaging your on-camera yoga moment, it’s oceans. Beach yoga fail? Maybe, but they definitely succeeded in giving us a good belly chuckle! Watch and learn. No yogis were harmed in the making of this video. We’re not sure about egos.

[Via The Chive]




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  • Oh that’s wonderful!!

  • Swaraj Basu

    Very good article with video presentation!
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  • its very nice video and you are right its very imagining to do yoga in oceans side like Rishikesh. I ma also doing yoga in Rishikesh with “Shiva Tattva Yoga Foundation” and their environment is very nice.

    • purelife

      I practice by the beach myself and it is not a good place – too much wind and sand. You should all come and practice in my ashram that I frequent, it is superior environment for elite yoga practitioners. You know who you are! 😉

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