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Artist Creates Abstract Work Using Yoga Mats

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Couples Yoga 2

“Couples Yoga 2”

A new way to recycle your old yoga mat? Make art! Alex Ebstein is an artist whose use of unconventional materials – such as yoga mats – to create her cut-out pieces is turning some headstands. Ebstein originally studied photography but after being diagnosed with uveitis, an inflammation of the eye which required multiple surgeries affecting her sight, she was moved to work with other media.

"Floater Index"

“Floater Index”

So why yoga mats? Why not? It seemed only fitting. Her diagnosis also meant that she had to stop practicing a lot of the yoga poses she was used to because it caused the pressure in her eyes to become too unpredictable. Overcoming her own obstacles, Ebstein chose to work with mat-erials meaningful and familiar.

"Lost U in A Blindspot"

“Lost U in A Blindspot”

Influenced by modernists like Jean (Hans) Arp, founding member of the Dada movement, Ebstein took from them inspiration to focus on abstraction expressed through bodily forms.

“I thought about the contemporary manifestation of the body through products that stand in for the body,” Ebstein says. “Everyone knows a yoga mat is designed to the scale of a person and it’s used to stretch your body.”

"Gathering Moon Milk 1"

“Gathering Moon Milk 1”

Currently Ebstein sources her mats from a wholesaler, but we think her art could reflect some even more wonderful stories with worn-in, toe-torn veteran sticky mats. Texture, baby.

Maybe she’ll consider for the next collection?

Epstein will be exhibiting “Gathering Moon Milk,” shown above, at the Market Art + Design, in the Hamptons.

[Via FastCompany]



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  • that really is darn creative! You’d definitely be the main attraction at the gym with those! 🙂

  • Lovely work on those yoga mats! If ever I get my hands on one of these, I am definitely going to look forward to those next yoga practices.

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