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Super Chill Cat Not Impressed By Your Silly Human Yoga (VIDEO)

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cat-interrupting-yogaWe don’t want to say too much about this video besides it’s hilarious and you have to watch it. Also…this is further proof cats remain the dominant supreme beings (at least on the Internets). THIS is the face of nonchalant cat-tentment.


Nope. Not impressed. We’d say it’s right up there with this one.

(ps. You’re not seeing things. There is some salamander/lizard type thing climbing up the wall.)



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  • Even cats believe that yoga selfies are boring.

  • VQ2

    Wouldn’t go quite so far as to say that about selfies (cf. the #represent school has begun to turn my head around), BUT: pratyahara and santosha have been perfected by the feline species (as long as they remain fed, of course). All the pyrotechnics that those young people do (and a few my age—Grow up, already before you break something or throw something out of joint!), are but feeble attempts to try to approach those ideals …

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