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Lululemon Issues Recall Of Over 300,000 Hazardous Hoodies

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One of Lululemon’s hazardous hoodies.

From the files of faulty yoga clothing comes the new threat of the great hoodie string caper. In all seriousness, there’s been another Lululemon recall, this time for over 300,000 tops with draw strings that have become face-attacking weapons.

Slate reports:

Lululemon is recalling 318,000 women’s tops in the United States and Canada that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports led to “seven injuries to the face and eye.” How did these injuries occur? The offending items—more than 20 styles altogether—were manufactured with “an elastic draw cord with hard metal or plastic tips in the hood or around the neck area.” Because of this, when the drawstrings were “pulled or caught on something and released,” they could “snap back, impact the face area and result in injury,” the commission explains.

Not nearly as egregious as the see-through pantscapade of 2013, and surely it won’t cause such public outrage and subsequential fallout – ladies’ thighs shall go unmentioned, behinds unexposed – but it’s still a pretty decent-sized snafu for a company seemingly plagued with one snafu after another (and also making gazillions of dollars, too, lest we feel too sentimental).Alas, no one wants to lose an eye over yoga-inspired fashion, so we’re glad for the recall.

If you have any of these items on the official draw string weaponry list, you are advised by the CPSC to “either remove the draw cord or contact Lululemon to request a new, nonelastic draw cord with written instructions on how to replace the draw cord.”

With hoodie string attacks and skinny jeans causing nerve damage, at this point we would suggest you inspect all your clothing for hidden risks of danger. We’re about to go all PJs all the time over here.



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  • John

    They might gouge your eye out but they aren’t saying any one’s thighs were too big… Scary how many people think that’s positive progress

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