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These Photos Of Dogs Looking Joyfully Zen Will Make Your Day

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We usually dislike headlines such as the one we just wrote, but in this case, it may actually be true. And we’re not in any position to deny you the joyful experience of dogs captured looking euphorically zen, are we?

For this photo series, professional pet and wildlife photographer Alex Cearns spent hours with these beautiful dogs in order to snap their expressions of blissful perfection.

To capture the animals looking so placid, Cearns counts the number of seconds between blinks. She can take upward of 300 photos of an animal in one hour-long session; she says she usually gets one terrific Zen Dog-worthy shot in the bunch.

“To be honest, I can really only catch the photo if [the dogs] are relaxed and peaceful — so each photo is an authentic photo,” she told The Huffington Post.

Sounds like it’s not only these gorgeous creatures who are exuding peace. Cearns must have been feeling the zen mood, too. And that’s just a part of why we love our furry friends. They so often bring out the best in us. Sometimes it’s even on the yoga mat.

Take a look at these sweet smiling faces and tell us they haven’t improved your day. We have a feeling this is what samadhi looks like. Or at least unadulterated joy.







Those are some adorable cheer-updogs.

See more photos at The Huffington Post, and Houndstooth Studio where Alex Cearns is creative director.



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  • Peter Joseph

    Hey. Very cool and funny photos. My favorite is second one:) I love dogs and we have Shih-Tzu, very cute pet. By the way if you are thinking what breed to get, I can recommend to read this article with 20 examples with photos and descriptions.

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