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Cute ‘All About That Base’ Remake Turns Yoga Music Video

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We’re sorry if you’re just beginning to lay that earworm down for savasana, but this was too cute not to share. Meghan Trainor’s catchy tune gets a new spin and a kick of prana with the help of some yoga peeps who know it’s “all about that base”…AKA your foundation. Get it?

This is some pure yogadorky yoganerdy stuff. We think the Iyengar dorks out there will appreciate it the most – there’s a lot of armpit chest referencing going on here.

Say the creators of this soon-to-be yoga class musical phenomenon:

“All About That Base is a musical love letter to yoga, filmed at Otter Creek Yoga, in Middlebury, Vermont.Teachers and students of all levels do some of their favorite postures while giving thanks for the practice that helps us feel stable and spacious.”

While the singer is no pop star, we find the whole thing adorable and endearing, wobbling and all.




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  • Wonderful messages! Plan on showing it to my classes!

  • VQ2

    Want to see more of the pulchritudinous full-figured all about the BASS lady. Not particularly caring about the BASE. Dates back to seeing “non-conventional yoga bodied” as flyers in acroyoga, and that’s recently.

    Of course, she’s gotta be the one with the enviable navasana …


  • Varya

    Hello everybody!!! I am from Russia. Pleasseeeee can anybody send me text of this song? Yoga version sure)) difficult to understand when I listen but when I see text I can easily translate than… I want to translate and show this to my yoga teacher. Please help me :* thank you a loot!!!!!!

    • Because you know it’s all about that base, don’t wobble
      Reach down into your base, don’t wobble
      Soften all the muscles of your face, don’t wobble
      It’s all about that base

      Come into yoga class, get your blankets (two)
      Sit down on them like you are supposed to do
      Join your hands together, for Sage Patanjali
      He gave us the sutras so that we could be free

      Stand in Tadasana, spread your toes so wide
      Reach your heels down and lift your kneecaps high
      Find your armpit-chest now, and raise it up
      ‘Cause every inch of you is sacred from the bottom to the top

      My teacher she told me, “Don’t worry about your size.”
      Just take the tops of your buttocks down to the backs of your thighs
      In Adho Mukkha Svanasana lift outer hips to the sky
      Reach down into your base to feel all that good space inside (chorus)

      Go to Sirsasana! Come on now press your forearms down
      Move your shoulders away from the ground
      Lift your tailbone! Every inch of you is sacred from the bottom to the top
      My teacher she told me…

      Remember the words of the masterful Guruji
      “It’s through your body you’ll know you’re a spark of divinity.”

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