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Shelter Cat Yoga Class Is Cutest Effort To Find Them Forever Homes

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Yoga and cats? Genius! Let us explain. An animal shelter in Illinois recently teamed up with a local yoga studio to have a very special benefit/adoption event/kitty cat yoga class – which is a pretty fantastic idea considering that quite possibly the cutest cat poses we’ve ever seen ever are those from our feline friends.


Homeward Bound Pet Shelter in Decatur, IL, partnered with Yoga at Connie’s for a human-kitty collaborative class allowing people to interact with the cats as they practice yoga, which, ideally, would lead to a human-kitty match.


Volunteer Jeanette Skaluba organized the event to help raise awareness and boost adoptions. “Cats rule the Internet,” Skaluba said, “but that trend hasn’t increased adoptions.”

Lately we’ve seen some pretty clever efforts from no-kill animal shelters trying to help find their furry residents forever homes (including cat cafes and glamour shots). A cat yoga class is definitely one of our favorites.


While we’re not sure all the cats would be so up for yoga on demand – they’re cats! – we do know from experience they often times can’t resist a yoga mat and a Down Dog. In fact, we might be convinced they take more pleasure in interrupting yoga, than actually co-practicing with human companions. And, of course, as humans we can’t expect to get in the most meditative class we’ve ever had, but there’s something extra special about doing your animal poses right next to the fuzzy creatures who inspired them. In short, animals, and especially cats, are awesome.



In any case, we think it’s brilliant. Sign us up!

See their awesome video from the event below.

Note: We think it’s great if this helps increase adoptions – these babies deserve good homes! But please consider before adopting any pet that it is a financial and lifestyle commitment.

UPDATE: The organization has set up an official Yoga4Cats website with helpful cat yoga class resources and adoption information.

All images: Herald & Review



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