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Bikram Choudhury Earns Entry In HuffPost’s ‘Dickipedia’ (VIDEO)

in YD News


We could have seen this one coming. That is, if we’d known there were such a thing as the “Dickipedia.” Yes, the Huffington Post went there and their weekly The HuffPost Show has bestowed upon one Bikram Choudhury the distinction of being the newest entry in their “wiki of dicks” – AKA assh*les, jerks, scourges of society, etc. (other honorees include Floyd Mayweather and Ted Nugent).

Their video nomination calls out the hot yoga mogul’s many offenses – from his lavish Rolex-accessorized lifestyle to trying to copyright yoga to his liberal use of dickish phrases like “don’t f*ck with me” to his sexist, racist and homophobic language and behavior – as well as the multiple civil lawsuits currently standing against Choudhury claiming sexual abuse and rape. You could say it’s a real zinger of a dickhood compilation.

However things work out in court with those lawsuits, it appears there’s plenty of evidence Bikram Choudhury is already losing the fight to save his public image. The heat is definitely on.

NSFW, btw, in case you weren’t sure.




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  • Anna

    This is freaking awesome. Made a ho-hum Monday into a FUNDAY!

  • paul

    it’s pretty amazing that our generative organs are insults; why do we hate ourselves so?

  • Asananine

    By that logic, does that make his minions “little peckers”?

  • Dwayne

    Hilarious! I had no idea there was such a thing as a “Dickipedia”. But it must have been invented with people like Mr. Choudhry (Dickram?) in mind. He’s likely a Hall of Famer there.

  • Agree that using a part of the male anatomy to name this resource is not very yogic or complementary to the male gender. The description of Bikram’s behaviors and attitudes is consistent with what I have read in the media.

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