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Curvy-Walled Yoga Studio Designed To Feel Like A Cloud

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Yoga on a cloud. Sounds pretty nice, right? This may be the most spatially conscious and curvaceously elevating yoga studio we’ve ever seen. Designed by the aptly named Clouds Architecture Office, CRS Studio in New York’s Union Square was transformed to create a yoga and meditation space with the feeling of floating in the heavens where edges are blurred and horizons drift on and on.

Sharp corners were removed as much as possible and replaced with curved walls creating a rounded, voluminous space.


“We wanted to create a space that would transport people to an unexpected place where one could forget the everyday,” Clouds AO partner Ostap Rudakevych told Dezeen Magazine. The walls were designed to “recede and disappear, as if a fog had entered the space and obscured its limits”.


Here’s more about the lofty concept from the Clouds AO website:

“Instead of blurring all the edges, conic geometry is intersected with curved walls to define a partial edge with a certain ambiguity. It has aspects of finitude and infinitude, of restriction and openness joined in a single crease. Thus we are reminded that the edge is meaningful and that it gives a sense to the space it encloses. Thus the form of the studio suggests that the progress of human consciousness itself is preconditioned by the fact that the totality is never attained. The impulse toward the infinite is defined by the finite.”

Wow. And all this time we’ve been restricting ourselves with the sharpness of our perpendicular realities. If levitation were ever in the cards, this might be where it happens.



Have you been to a unique and interesting yoga studio? Let us know!



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  • paul

    pretty cool space, seems like there’s a dharmamegha joke though i don’t know what that is..

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    • I was really confused, and this answered all my quessiont.

  • Cool studio, I really like the design. I am engaged in design and will borrow your idea for my project, thanks.

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