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Every Body Is A Yoga Body – New Tee From Yoga And Body Image Coalition

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“Every Body is a Yoga Body” reads the latest message from the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. The YBIC has made it their mission to support and encourage inclusivity in yoga and has been working to expand the image of yoga to truly encompass everyone and every body. Their latest “Every Body is a Yoga Body” t-shirt campaign is intended to support their continued efforts and, as members of the YBIC, we’re proud to help spread the word. To purchase your tee head over to their shop page. Or read on for more info.

Every age.
Every race & ethnicity.
Every class & socioeconomic status.
Every gender identity & sexual orientation.
Every size, shape, height, weight & dis/ability.


The Yoga and Body Image Coalition is committed to dismantling stereotypes about who practices yoga, who should practice yoga and what a “yoga body” looks like.

Spread the good vibes and buy a tee/tank/hoodie for yourself, a teacher, friend, family member or someone who loves (or could benefit from) yoga.

Join us by boldly declaring, ” Every body is a yoga body.”

Funds will support the Yoga and Body Image Coalition’s work in creating and sharing positive and inspiring content with a critical eye and strong footing in our social justice roots.

Let’s spread the message far and wide that yoga is for every body and any body. Let’s keep yoga body positive and accessible to all by blowing a hole through the “yoga body” stereotype.

Every body is a yoga body.

YOU have a yoga body.

Different styles offer an array of colors and sizes from S – 5Xl.




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  • Hope

    did they send one to kathryn budig?

    • Kelly

      Yes! Given this organization’s recent actions, it is disheartening that Yogadork continues to promote them and its laughable they are selling shirts with this particular message.

  • I’m pretty sure that shirt size is sending the wrong message.

  • Shankar

    are they available in europe?

  • Love the positive message of these shirts! Keep it up! 🙂

  • Henry

    The only people who don’t know the every body is a yoga body is….yoga people.

    Everybody else in America has been protesting Augusta Country Club settings for 4-5 decades. Dove “real beauty” ads — which radicalized clothing and health & beauty advertising — before movements like yoga threw it in reverse — are at least a decade old.

    Once again yoga is trying to lead from the very back of the parade — on race, class, gender, body image, the perils of the unregulated free market, hierarchies in spiritual leadership — all things either secular society or other spiritual movements are far more advanced in, and have been for years.

    I dare say yoga is the single most socially regressive “movement” in the US today — even the Tea Party and Fox News have far higher percentages of minority participation.

    Stop pretending you’re anything other than an arrogant rich and catty little white girl thing? Because it’s pretty obvious if you just look in the mirror and listen to yourselves.

    Who do you think is buying all this pathetic shit these elite companies are making?

    Uh duh

  • Asananine

    I understand that the overall message of the coalition is inclusivity and that is laudable; but the message on the t-shirt seems to be emphasizing ones body as it pertains to yoga.

  • John

    The first thing they do is announce some woman is the wrong skin colour and body shape to represent yoga and the second is to try and make money. It’s more than a little ironic.

  • Asananine

    It pains me to hear stories about people feeling unwelcome in class for whatever reason. It is incumbent on the studio and teacher by extension to set the tone for the class. May I suggest prioritizing having the class say hello to new and relatively new students. Not just the teachers but the students as well. How about making people actually feel welcome. There should be someone appointed to stay after class, if not the teacher, to welcome them as well. I feel this would be exponentially more productive than a slogan on a t-shirt and be truly inclusive of all. This would be in the spirit of yoga, be smart business, and make everyone feel better. Win Win Win.

  • Does anybody know if they are available for Europe countries? I would like one 🙂

    /Amber J

  • Henrietta

    To overcome this obsession with body worship, the campaign really does need to be recast. However, this is a very deep-seated FEMALE psychic and emotional need. Women are constitutionally obsessed with their bodies – and that goes triple for yoga woman. Men see this far more clearly than women do.

    Why not just…..Yoga is for Everyone.

    Better yet.

    Yoga Is. :o)

    Why is there a T-shirt campaign at all??

    Shopping shopping shopping

    • Henrietta

      Even a tad more more mystical


  • Asananine

    Every body unless you happen to be thin or petite. The t-shirt is available in sizes xl-5xl on the larger side, but there is no accommodation for sizes xs, xxs or xxp on the smaller side.

    • VQ2

      The tiny chickadees have their own suppliers of yoga tee shirts that might be less hypocritical sounding if worn by them …. (i.e., they would not say “Yoga is for Every Body” in those sizes) … and expensive, full of design bells and whistles – from the usual overpriced purveyors of yoga tee shirts … sizes small, medium, large and points north have been underrepresented in the yoga fashion world for years … Sad …….

      • Crank

        “Tiny chickadees”? As opposed to “Fatties” you mean?

        It’s all so repulsive this to and fro between the thin is in and the phat is where it’s at crowds within yoga. Why don’t you all fucking GROW UP

        To us guys this is just jealous mud-wrestling.

        Hey’s let’s have a Wet T-Shirt contest.

        Jennilyn brand some special yoga water pistols!!!


  • Asananine

    I agree. VQ2 only proves my point and the term “tiny chickadees” is pejorative if not outright demeaning. It is as derisive as the term “fat cow”.

  • Dwayne

    To a male yoga practitioner, all this “yoga body” stuff comes off as a bizarre urban female mass neurosis. I don’t get it (granted, I live in an outlying area) and have never witnessed students being made to “feel unwelcome”. In fact, making potential customers “feel unwelcome” seems like a most obvious and elementary unsound business practice…Hey, there are no end of posts here clucking about the unprofitability of yoga teaching…maybe there’s a connection! 🙂

    • VQ2

      ” In fact, making potential customers “feel unwelcome” seems like a most obvious and elementary unsound business practice…Hey, there are no end of posts here clucking about the unprofitability of yoga teaching…maybe there’s a connection! 🙂 ”

      Well, that’s my point. Kind of.

      Sizeist and ageist shooting-themselves-in-the-foot kind of missteps. One young yoga master tried to convince an even older lady (ok, tiny, birdlike that she was) than I that “we take all sizes here …” – pointing to me, the student. Right. Age? He didn’t wanna go there, so we go and talk about average size …

      And that was a milder dig than some, at a not-so-urban studio …

      Where do you draw the divide-and-conquer lines? Where?

  • R

    Cuz every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!


  • I’ve read not a single write-up in your weblog. You are a large lad

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