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Headstanding Yoga Dog Poised To Take Over Instagram

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Pets and yoga are two of our favorite things. Together, we can’t resist their adorableness. Even when the pets do headstand better than we can! Ace and Holly are two border collies who apparently enjoy doing more than down dog when their hooman, Dai Aoki, practices yoga (with an exercise ball under his noggin, which we do not recommend you try, by the way).

That’s some pretty impressive balancing, dog. (Ace is the headstander, Holly is the hind-stander.) See? If you have them practice with you, then maybe this won’t happen.


According to the Daily Mail, Aoki is a dog trainer who doesn’t like the word “training,” instead referring to it as he and dogs “just having a good time together and learning new things.” Aoki is a fan of positive reinforcement, everyone having fun and training his dogs on the foundation of “consistency, patience, respect and love.”

Ace and Holly have already achieved Internet fame for their incredible balancing stunts and smarts. Uh oh, lookout Instagram, we smell some new furry yoga celebs in town!


We think Internet cats will want in on this, too. Here’s another fuzzy contender:




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