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Get A Whiff: Scented Yoga Mats To Mask Your Stink

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Do not adjust your screens, we have not achieved scenternet…yet. Though you might want to imagine what it would be like to have a sweet-smelling yoga mat under your noses and toeses. If you’re a yogi and you regularly practice on something called a yoga mat, you’ve probably been exposed to certain undesirable scents you’d rather not speak of. This goes double for studio rental mats (pew!) and some of your own home favorites that, no matter how many times you “wash” them, they still reek of feet and general body funk.

Sweet-Mat out of Denver wants to help solve your aroma woes with their new BO-battling scented mats. They’ve created only two options so far – Heavenly Lavender and Potent Peppermint – but the mats are intended to mask what we would normally refer to as stinky samadhi.

With all of the newfangled yoga mat inventions cropping up from LED-lit disco to ones evoking Siri, this seems like an interesting idea. We’re sure many people could tell you how they benefit from aromatherapy. Why not just use your own essential oils on your mat? Yeah, we wondered that, too. According to Sweet-Mat owner Ron Williams, the mat scents aren’t strong enough to fill the room, just your nose when it’s close to the mat’s surface.

Williams told 9NEWS, “Rather than everybody in the room being able to smell them, it’s just for you. When your face is close to it is when you can smell them. So it doesn’t permeate the whole room.”

Which makes us think back to those old school scented Strawberry Shortcake dolls that had smelly faces. Aw, come on now, you know the ones. We’re not that old! Ahem.

Besides being smell-a-rific, the mats are also advertised to be cushiony and lightweight. And the smells are within the fabric of the mat, so they won’t really wash out when you actually do eventually get around to cleaning it…some day. (By the way, it’s not clear if the scents are natural or synthetic, but they’re said to last at least two years.)

The Sweet-Mat peeps are currently working on a third scent and are asking everyone to help them decide between vanilla, jasmine, or cinnamon. But we say go for the whole enchilada. Don’t stop at one sweet scent when you can do a whole array of scintillations, scratch-n-sniff style, except it’s sweat-n-sniff (mmmmm). Having a tough time waking up? How about coffee and french toast in one corner. Christmas is your favorite holiday? Try perspiring on the evergreen section. Have a hangover and need to be reminded why you should never drink gin again? It’s juniper berries right under your sweaty throbbing head! Or maybe just something simple like stop-looking-around-the-room scent with a hint of just-breathe-you’re-doing-fine.

Really, the possibilities are endless. And all the folks at Yankee Candle are super pissed they didn’t think of it first.

Just, please, no matter how tempting your mat smells, don’t try and eat it. Scented yoga mats: brilliant or unnecessary? Either way, they are not, we repeat, NOT edible.



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  • Do I need to have more than mat for different kind or yoga? Especially hot yoga?

  • Willow

    Really? This is the last thing we need, more scented products! Are they synthetic fragrances? What about people who are allergic to these scents? Horrible idea!

  • msue

    This seems gimmicky at best. I won’t be a customer, and will likely move my mat away from anyone using a scented mat. Ick.

  • WARNING!!! Ron Williams and lance Williams are crooks. They stole money from my company and ron Williams has stolen thousands from customers. Ron ran several scam companies in Iowa and Kansas and is running away from court judgments and bill collectors.

    Google: “fundraising scam, ron Williams”, “the amazing patio cover, ron williams” and “Sunroom designs by ron”

    ron is a smooth talking salesman without a soul or conscience. Be careful when dealing with the Williams.

  • Steve

    Yes, the owner, Ron Williams, did steal money from a church and a fundraiser for a 2 year old with cancer in Iowa.

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