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Ellen Warns Yoga Pants Will Take Over The World, And Hillary Clinton’s Wardrobe

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Yoga pants are going to take over the world, and you can’t say Ellen DeGeneres didn’t warn us! The lovable and hilarious comedian opened her show on Wednesday with a very serious message: we are being consumed by yoga pants and there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it.

“I want to talk about something powerful that’s sweeping the nation,” she began, ominously. “Eventually it’s going to take over the entire world and there’s nothing we can do about it. Of course, I’m talking about yoga pants.”

Ah, yes! Yogapantscalypse. Yogapantsageddon?

A yoga lover and regular practitioner, herself, Ellen also pointed out that while yoga pants sales are through the roof – they’re beating out jeans! – only 5% of people who wear them are actually doing yoga or are active at all (these are not official stats, but probably close). In other words, you see someone in yoga pants and it’s pretty likely the only activity they’ve been training for is a Netflix marathon. This is why they call this growing style “athleisure,” accent on the leisure. (And comfort, of course!)


According to Ellen, even presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is wearing them! It’s a joke, but we know she’s practiced yoga, and we bet Hills relaxes in some stretchy yoga pantsuits when she’s at home. First Lady Michelle Obama would certainly approve.

As they get more popular, yoga pants are getting ever more expensive. Ellen’s solution for saving some dough?

“Here’s a tip. Put on some pantyhose, stick a Lululemon logo on the back. Same thing. You’re welcome.”

Thanks, Ellen. (Here’s a tip: please don’t wear those to yoga class.)

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  • Haha, Ellen is the greatest!!! I love her. Interesting statistics as well!

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  • Hank

    She made those statistics up. There are no such statistics. But that won’t keep them from being cited — because after all, Ellen knows everything, right?

    On the subject of yoga pants and exaggerated pop culture trends —

    “According to eBay’s roundup of the website’s top shopped items of the year, yoga pants were not as popular as the athleisure craze made them seem. In fact, more than 530,000 pairs of overalls were sold in 2014 compared to just 423,000 pairs of yoga pants.”

    Overalls. Maybe it’s time for Farmer’s Yoga. Or better yet — just Farming?

    It would be helpful if yogis stopped acting like adjuncts of the Lululemon sales & promotion office — and actually did something resembling basic reporting and research.

    There are lots of things going on in this world besides the yoga craze — like uh, real life?

  • frankie

    Well Hank, 423’000 of yoga pants is a shit load of exposed bums with the help of see through lulus. I don’t know where you live, but here in Vancouver, Lululemon has made some serious addicts to their logo and it seems people don’t even bother to get dressed anymore. Because of it, a few years ago, Vancouver was named the worst city for taste in fashion. And rightfully so.
    The creator and ex Lulu CEO owns a 55 million dollar mansion on a posh Vancouver shore/area. Did I mention he’s got a massive Chip on his shoulder 🙂
    I stopped buying lulus when they started manufacturing their junk in China many years ago.
    Yes Hank, only sheeples follow trends without a second thought. But those are not the kind that like farming – obviously.
    I don’t watch Ellen. I mean, can you talk about more fluff? Problem is, sheeples watch tv and do what they’re told.
    That’s why I wish she’d speak about Monsanto and the abomination of GMO’s. Subjects that are important to the future of this planet, not some drivel that can be found in any magazine.

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