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YD Giveaway: Win A Copy Of ‘Living Your Yoga’ By Judith Hanson Lasater – Second Edition

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living-your-yoga-jhl-2015Greetings spring yogadorks! Tis the season for new beginnings, no? We’re doubly delighted to be sharing this giveaway with you, 1) because this book is fab, 2) because it’s the second edition and it is even more fab-filled with wisdom for your every day living. We’re talking about Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life by Judith Hanson Lasater.

If you’re familiar with this book you’ll know how inspiring it is and also how helpful it is on a practical level. Now in its second edition, just released this week, what’s different? Besides a pretty new cover and design, there are three new chapters in the book: “Relaxation,” “Empathy,” and “Worship.”

This is one of our favorite books in our library to check back in with whenever we need some inspiration or a moment to ourselves to reset, and we’re always really happy when we get to give it away to you.


WIN: We’re giving away 3 copies of Living Your Yoga (Second Edition) by Judith Hanson Lasater courtesy of Rodmell Press.

TO ENTER: Now that it’s spring (at least for us northern hemispher-ers!) we can feel the shedding of layers on a few different levels. While it feels good to leave the heavy coats in the closet, it also feels like the right time to leave some unnecessary stuff behind. For this giveaway, share with us something you’re over and done with right now…something you’ve had enough with and you’re ready to shed for the season (or forever!). Post your entry in the comments below.

You can also enter by tweeting at @yogadork and @RodmellPress with #livingyouryogadork, or commenting on the YogaDork and/or Rodmell Press facebook pages.

The giveaway ends 11:59pm Monday, May 4, 2015. Three winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck! (and good riddance!)

UPDATE: And the winners are…Susan Doucette, Maggie Ranjani Mines, and Mira. Congrats! Thanks to all for sharing what you’re shedding. It was truly motivating and encouraging to read all of your entries. Keep it up.

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  • Sarah Cass

    For this season and forever, I am shedding my insecurities about my body, especially my tummy. I already have everything I need to be happy and I’m perfect just the way I am! ❤️

  • jenny

    Its time to let go of the diet cola and preservatives. Yoga was about getting to know my body’s, strengths and weaknesses. What I put in my body is just as important as what I do with it.

  • Tyneisha

    I’m done with having poor posture!! I think it gives off a vibe that I no longer want to own. I want to feel better and look better. Time to start standing up straight!

  • namastellen

    over with not speaking my thoughts

  • PS in NY

    I am shedding the fears that keep me from working towards my goal.

  • Melodie

    I am finished with instability. I am finally ready to get a home and put down some roots. And then there will be no more excuses for unhealthy environments/choices. Namaste, fellow yogadorks! 🙂

  • Susan Doucette

    I am done with worrying about my adult alcoholic brother that no one in my family of (7) wants to talk to. He always gravitates to me in his worse days so now I will listen and give him my love however I will not worry about his choices. My wellbeing is more important and I deserve it.

  • Tracy Faulkner

    i am not leaving anything behind. I’m simply moving thru it.

  • Brenda

    I’m shedding old weight…which is holding fears and anxieties…also trying to shed my fear to be what makes me feel good and happy…i.e., a more sustainable plant based lifestyle.

  • I am done with ignoring my health. I am ready to let go of behaviors that do not positively contribute to my well-being.

    • Kelly McCarley

      Ack! I can’t edit. Excuse the typos please.

  • I am done with overextending myself. I chose balance in my heart and soul…so that I can fully live and breathe my potential…shining that out to the world, without feeling depleted

  • Jen

    I’m trying to let go of pleasing everyone and exceeding expectations at the expense of my health, emotionally and physically! I’m finally learning that I need to take care of myself 🙂

  • Stacy

    stress, doubt, insecurity, anxiety…I am enough!

  • SueF

    Done with a job that’s no longer serving me, on to a new one!

  • Emily

    I’m shedding doubt!

  • Angie Bayer

    I am done with listening to everyone else’s model of who and what I should do or be(including my own). I am now free to be me, who I was intended to be.

  • Christianne McCall

    I want to be rid of my chronic fatigue and fibro forever!!!

  • Janet Bernakevitch

    I’m done with my future…making a conscious choice as often as I can to live in the present moment and if when that is a challenge keep myself focused on today. Oh and I’m pretty much done with my past, its an opportunity to learn from but not to get caught up in rumination, which usually end up in ruination of the present moment (I know bad joke, lol).

  • Sally

    While going thru menopause and rheumy I find yoga a peaceful place to visit. Although the workday is busy I need the wisdom to go within and find my peace.

  • k4k

    I will try to break up my fears of the future by setting out one thing to accomplish every day. If I don’t get it done today, I will do it tomorrow. And in between, I will just breathe and smile at the sky.

  • Di

    It’s time for me to not rely upon a studio to practice. I will add more time at home.

  • Mitch

    I am letting go of procrastination. It really affects my relationship with time, and I don’t live as fully as I could.

  • Lynzee

    I’m ready to ditch this lousy marriage and blossom into my own person.

  • Greer

    I can finally have a love affair with ME.

  • Carolyn

    I am done with trying to please everybody. I am who I am (and I like myself!), so I intend to be the best me possible on my own terms.

  • Susie Arnott

    I’m done with perfection…its a kind of death, an end…and I am realising I’m enjoying the journey.

  • Susan moore

    Forgiving someone, forgiving myself and the joy of being now free to love myself and move on

  • Marie

    This spring, I just got aware of and am already letting go of my – very subtle, non-verbal yet incredibly destructive – inner critic and would be happy to win this intriguing book 🙂 Namasté!

  • Practicing yoga I learned that physical shape has no value until your mind isn’t fully ragged and committed to your spiritual health. I’m going to stop thinking about physical health without cultivating gratitude and love kindness.

  • sir sasana

    Ready to shed the partner with no interest in Yoga,
    who has lots of interest in fashionable material objects,
    and eats candy and coke and factory farmed meat every day.

    Two and a half years is long enough to wait and hope….

    Time to allow our natural, conscious uncoupling.

  • Karen ananda


  • Trying to eat cleaner and give up some weight namaste

  • Nisha

    I have forever shed crash dieting!

  • Bethany

    Goodbye perfection

  • Phirun Cheng

    Final exams are almost over (in 5 days)! I’m very much ready for summer and a whole lot less stress from classes and exams!

  • Alene Hearing

    I am shedding my ego. I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings. I sit and observe all of life’s wonderful moments unfolding before me, at peace in the present moment.

  • ola

    I’m done with not exercising on regular basis

  • Michelle

    I’m done with heavy sweaters until fall or winter!

  • Macy

    I’m currently letting go of some old ways of thinking, and trying not to be so hard on myself.

  • Valerie

    I am shedding grief from my past which no longer serves me. Letting go and realeasing attachments. Onward.

  • donna

    shedding negative self talk & welcoming self nurturing.

  • Emily

    I’m done with relationship worries. I’ve got an awesome partner and I don’t need to let the past shade him in any other light than he is in!

  • Amber

    I am letting go of procrastination that keeps me up at night.

  • Diane Hope

    I am done with Winter and the cold and isolation it brings. I welcome Spring and sunshine, warmth and color.

  • Vanessa

    I’m over and done with letting work be the only thing I do doing the week! It’s time to start using those evening hours to go for walks and runs. Doing yoga. Crafting projects. Reading. Catching up with old friends.

  • Maureen

    I am so over worrying. I have been stressed out because of the ice and snow and my parents are older and I being afraid or worrying about them when they go out.

  • I’m done with looking externally for the answers to health issues and will now listen to my internal body intuition.

  • Dinah Denison

    I am done with not being the real me.

  • Genie

    I am breathing in love and kindness, and breathing out negative thoughts.

  • Natasha

    I’m shedding off my doubts and fears about myself and my abilities. One day at a time.

  • Tara

    I am shedding off stressing over the small things in life.

  • I’m done with clutter and attachment to material possessions!! I did a big spring clean and my intention for 2015 is to stick with a minimalist approach to consumption. The best strategy for preventing clutter is not buying stuff in the first place.

    I’ve made it a month and it’s been great so far.


  • Mandi

    I am done with worry and hesitation. Ready to be brave! 🙂

  • I’m ready to shed any negativity around me. Moving in a positive frame of mind about life!

  • I feel ready to let go of attachment to the idea of ‘teachers’ – I learn from and love my teachers, am always open to finding new teachers, but I have to honour myself as my most important teacher.

  • Stephanie

    For this season, I would like to shed my insecurities about the job search and my inability to land a job…I would like to have faith in my competence and abilities and to know everything will work out.

  • Milki Sobel

    I decided to let my anger against my mom goes and start a peaceful relationship, this awareness came with my discover of yoga few months ago.

  • Linda

    I read the first version twice. It will be fun to see the new chapters!!

  • Linda

    I read the first version twice. It will be fun to read the additional chapters!!

  • I am done with snow!

  • Lisa

    Hello Judith!
    LOVE every book and every article you write! I’ve been walking each day with my yoga practice and my meditation (quiet time). Your generosity is always amazing! I look forward to hearing from you and PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing. You’re AMAZING!
    Thank you❤️

  • susan

    Ready to EMPTY the stress bucket with a daily practice of earthing, meditating, pre/probiotics, tapping and yoga. p.s. My teacher reads from your book each class during savasana…always enjoy it.

  • Jess

    I’m letting go of… not speaking up for my needs and wants, thinking others will be “mind readers” knowing what I want and need and then getting angry, upset and frustrated with others as a result.

  • I just lost what was supposed to be my first yoga studio which is all I’ve wanted for so long. I lost it because of a dishonest partner. I’m not shedding the fact that I still want, wish, desire the studio, because I’m happiest when I’m teaching, I’m shedding the hurt and the tears that came with the loss. Onward, forward to better people, a better studio!

  • its time to say good bye to the weeds in my garden – one and for ll!

  • its tin e to say good bye to the weeds in my garden and HELLO to new beautiful plants’

  • I am done with the guilt, pain, discomfort, bad health and extra pounds that ensues when I am not disciplined in my intake. Spring has brought a renewal to my spirit, my desires and commitment to better health!

  • Judy

    It would be too easy to say the 8 lbs. I lost last month during a 21-day Ayurvedic cleanse, clearing the toxins amassed during last summer, when I was pumped up with steroids and antibiotics. No, what I’m truly shedding this Spring is ceding power to a dysfunctional friend. The situation is one where I can’t get her out of my life (she’s my landlord and my home is pretty great), but I can set up boundaries. I understand that it may create tension, but I can’t be a in a situation where my boundaries aren’t respected.

  • Mila

    This spring, I’m giving up feeling like I don’t belong to do what makes me truly come alive. I lost a close family member a few weeks ago and will honor his memory by letting go of my fears to live my personal and professional dreams. Thank you for this opportunity make this commitment in a real and deep way.

  • I am done putting the task list first! Time for myself , my family and my practice needs to be the priority.

  • Kim LaFave

    I teach gentle yoga as a wellness initiative for public school teachers. As we begin class I often share a quote from this book ( first edition) and we always conclude with a Judith quote. I resolve to let go of my fear and explore more teacher training and yoga options in my future!

  • i am giving up judgement about myself…i am so quick to name everything i do that i think might not be perfect and putting myself down. my new plan is to breathe, look at the thought, action, movement (whatever it is) contemplate and consider, but NOT JUDGE….good, bad or indifferent…that is my intention….maybe i will come up with a sankalpa for that!

  • It’s time for me to let go of indecision and OWN it!

  • Judi

    I am done with struggling….

  • Linda

    I’m done with being “nice”, i.e. the “perfect” daughter/student/wife/employee. Always too concerned about what people might think, what they will say and how they might judge me. – I want to speak MY authentic truth, with compassion, justice and kindness.

  • As I approach my forties (just a few more months to go!), I am happily (and finally) done with my insecurities and doubts about my ability to be a great author. I also leave behind those feelings of whether or not I’m good enough to become a yoga teacher (I’m hoping to train next year as a 40th birthday gift to myself). This is my time and I embrace it with open arms. Namaste <3

  • I am done with my frustration for my perceived lack of abundance and tendency to compare, through impassioned surrender I plan to become abundance from the inside out.

  • Amrita

    I am shedding the need to hold on to youth. I have stopped putting henna on my hair and am letting the world and me see me as I naturally am. Inversions keep my hair healthy, no matter what colour! God’s blessings to all.

  • I’m done with over-committing. I’m always full of ideas and energy, but I can never do it all at the same time. Time to let go of trying to do it all and do one thing at a time or just not do them at all. Less is more!

  • Danae

    I am so over worrying about everything! It’s a slow process but I’m getting better at not holding onto my anxiety.

  • Thank you for this great information through your book, it was very informative as to how I can begin to start living with yoga. I want to try this as part of my healthy lifestyle and fitness. By the way I love also you other articles. Your post is very clear and inspiring.Thanks for your great ideas . Excellent, keep updating!

  • Wanna try now!

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