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Yoga IS, 4-Day Online Yoga Conference Is Happening This Weekend April 30 – May 3

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UPDATE: Missed the conference? You can still participate and download the content to keep. Click here for more info.

When we said yoga conferences are in the shift, we meant it. And the shift, dear yogsters, is largely to an online setting. Enter Yoga IS, the next yoga conference event to go completely digital, making it far more accessible to everyone as well as available at a vastly cheaper price tag. Yoga IS, brought to you by Suzanne Bryant, the woman who made the yogamentary of the same name, is a 4-day – April 30 to May 3 – online conference offering classes and workshops from 30+ yoga and meditation teachers making it the largest online yoga conference of its kind.

Teachers include some of the fame-friendly bunch like Shiva Rea, Jivamukti’s Sharon Gannon, Sadie Nardini, Elena Brower, the Yee duo, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste, Dharma Mittra, Kathryn Budig…you get the idea. The list goes on with Sarah Ivanhoe, Mia Togo, Sally Kempton, LA Yoga Mag’s Felicia Tomasko, Congressman Tim Ryan speaking on the power of Mindfulness, and more. Each of the classes are preceded by 30-minute interviews with the teacher/speaker.

While we’re not ones to tell you this will transform your life, we do think it would be an interesting and valuable way to spend your weekend. For only $39 it’s a pretty bang up deal.

We’re supportive of this shift to the online format because it means more people can participate from anywhere they like. And with this one, once you register you can access and do the classes whenever you like, too…forever and ever. Ever ever? Ever ever? Ever. Much different from your typical yoga conference where you’re not even allowed to take photos let alone save the content somehow. So that’s a pretty cool feature.

Can it still be a conference if it’s online? Hello there, I’m 2015, nice to meet you! While you won’t experience the old familiar packed hotel ballroom surrounded by random strangers scenario, there is still a conference feel to these online gatherings thanks to social media and the very nature of the (sometimes overly) sharing Internet. There will still be strangers practicing with you, of course, you just might not be able to smell their lavender essential oil mat cleaner or what they had for lunch (ahem).

So, the Yoga IS conference is a different spin on the standard yoga conference, but it’s probably just the beginning of a new wave of online yoga events. The Living Yoga Conference, which was presented entirely for free, just wrapped last weekend. We see this online yoga conference thing only growing from here.

Take note! YD is an affiliate which means we have a special link for you to click on. The Yoga IS conference is $39 (for a limited time, we hear) and for every person who registers using our link we will receive 50% of that. Every dollar we earn will go towards supporting this site and making it better for you, our dear readers. This is the link – http://bit.ly/yogaisyogadork – click and please share!



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