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Woman’s Risky Yoga Photo Shoot On Train Tracks Draws Internet Backlash

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How far are you willing to go for your Instagram yoga photos? This image popped up on Twitter bringing with it one simple question…WHY?? In case it’s difficult for you to see, or you can’t believe your eyes, there is a woman doing a handstand in the middle of DC Metro train tracks while a photographer snaps her pic. Why? We had a feeling you’d ask.

NBC 4 reporter Scott MacFarlane tweeted out the photo Thursday evening with the caption, “Yes, the third rail was charged as woman did yoga – and guy took photos – on DC Metro rail track.” The internet, unsurprisingly, erupted in a frenzy of disapproval and disbelief.


The image, which is actually taken from security footage obtained by the NBC news team, is part of a larger report on the increasing number of people trespassing onto the DC Metro tracks and the obvious dangers involved. In many of the cases, people are climbing down to retrieve objects that dropped onto the rails (which, by the way, are very much active and in use). But in the case of the yogi, it’s simply to snap a really cool shot to share on social media.

Is the final result really worth it?


image via @1DocObs

Now the police are involved and want to talk to Ms. Bentley and her photographer. But getting in trouble by the authorities is maybe a lot less worse than what could have happened? In case clarification need be made, train tracks are definitely NOT a safe place for anyone to be and certainly not an ideal setting for a yoga photo shoot. The third rail is highly electrified…oh, and you could get run over by an oncoming train. Please do not ever try this. Promise us you won’t.

So, can we stop with the yoga stunts already? Here’s hoping this doesn’t snowball into some silly #yogainextremeplaces photo trend. If you’re an instayogi, please stick with the safe spaces. We hear beaches are pretty nice.



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  • Hey YD,

    I guess it is a bit too much to risk life for a yoga stunt. Besides, yoga is something that works best in peaceful and calm places.

    I haven’t done yoga on a sea beach yet, that is surely something that am planning on.

    Hope people use their brain’s a bit and take less risk in the future,

    thanks for sharing this with us,

  • If she wants to risk her life doing a yoga picture, that is on here. Says more about her than it does yoga or selfies.

  • VQ2

    Maybe, the Wabi-sabi Queen, Ms. Headstand herself, Cora Wen, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtV4OAuNG0I inspired this folly … well, at least, she was not ON the tracks when she did this …

  • John

    At least she pointed her toes.

    When this was an Indian man doing yoga on a moving motorcycle (significantly more dangerous) with the stated intention of becoming famous the tone of the article and comments was very different.

    Swenson does yoga on the edge of a cliff and it’s the cover of a best selling yoga book and no one bats an eyelid. This is far safer (assuming she has a controlled turnout) and for motives no worse….

    • Tom Human

      How self-indulgent can you get?

      Perhaps you didn’t think it through – or at all – but she is NOT the only person involved. If a train saw here, the driver would have to jam on the brakes. It’s very likely that passengers would be injured.

      Self-centered person that she is, she also didn’t think about what effect her being killed might have on the person driving the train over her body.

      (And the prolonged stoppage of the trains would inconvenience thousands of people too, though that’s secondary.)

      I first learned yoga in the 1960s. I haven’t been involved with organized yoga in decades, exactly because of the self-centeredness and arrogance of so many people in the field, as typified by ALL the answers here, which can be summarized by “I can do what I want, and I have no need to even contemplate the consequences for others.”

  • jen

    My son was hit by a train. I hate seeing these kinds of Yoga selfies.

  • mel

    That camel toe, though!

    • Dave

      Really Mel? What are you 13 years old?

  • Amy

    Risky for sure. But, the photo sure is breathtaking!

  • Nice pictures but very risky

  • Kai

    Hey if the trains were super far away, I would do the same thing hahah

  • Something very similar happened in Bali. A foreigner had herself photographed in a Temple which caused some outrage, since the Balinese have high respects for the spiritual temples.

  • Lauren

    Every idiot commenting on how cool this is has never been part of a metro delay in DC.

  • Linda

    what IS the point of all these yoga selfies? Ego boost?

  • Thornton Melon

    Ugh! That ‘Toe! Like a canyon!

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