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YD LOTW: Yoga Replaces Weekend Partying, Meditation Museum Opening, Full House Sequel

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April 10, 2015: It’s YD LOTW! Our semi-regular weekly post sharing all the linkies we might have missed or didn’t post about but are worth a mention. Check in every Friday for your weekly catch up. Sign up here for our weekly newsletter bringing you all the yogadorkiness straight to your inbox.

  • The grand opening of the new Meditation Museum in Maryland is happening tonight and this weekend. If you didn’t know there was previously an old Meditation Museum in Maryland, there’s no time like the present.
  • YogaSmoga is seeking to take a bite out of the lulu empire, and they’ve got at least 65 million riding on it. Yes, we’re still talking about companies selling clothing for yoga.
  • A Full House sequel is a go! This has nothing to do with yoga, or does it?


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  • It’s a good Idea to do yoga than clubbing because, yoga helps one stay fit..plus so many merits it brings. Nice post. More of this.

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