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Join YD for the Living Yoga Conference – Free Online Event April 24-26

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UPDATE: It’s April 24th and the conference is now live! Go here to check it out. And don’t forget to use our special code ‘LYC1699’ to download ALL of the content plus bonus material to keep.

So here’s something pretty interesting. There’s a weekend yoga conference coming up April 24-26 featuring yoga teachers from various backgrounds and expertise offering classes and workshops on multiple subjects ranging from asana to meditation to ayurveda. That’s not so crazy. Most of us are fairly familiar with the yoga conference circuit. But here’s the cool part: it’s all happening online and it’s all totally free. Warning: It’s not sexy, it’s not slick and there will be no one trying to hawk their latest yoga doodads and thingamabobs.

If you haven’t already heard, it’s Yoga International’s “Living Yoga Conference” – a completely digital-based event. It’s like yoga just met the internet! Seriously, though, we’re not sure why it’s taken so long for an online yoga conference to be a thing, but we’re glad it’s finally happening. And we were delighted when we were invited to be a media sponsor for the event, because, first of all, we’re just little old YD, and second of all, we’re actually pretty excited to participate.

LYC-2015Featured teachers include Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Elena Brower, Dr. David Frawley, Rod Stryker, Sianna Sherman, Sally Kempton, Lilias Folan,Vasant Lad, Robert Svoboda, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D., Gary Kraftsow. There will be over 15 hours of free workshops, yoga classes and guided meditations.

(If you’ve heard enough, you can stop listening to us and go sign up here right now if you like. For unlimited access and to own the content for yourself, use code ‘LYC1699‘ and save 10% on the “Conference Pass” — more on that below.)

Yoga International has clearly stepped it up lately, especially in the past year, taking its place in the modern yoga world without losing touch with yoga’s roots, and picking up where some other yoga resources have fallen short. People have been left craving substance, and YI has sought to deliver. Some of you may agree they’ve done a pretty good job so far. Speaking of, the Living Yoga Conference happens to be taking place on the very same weekend of the Yoga Journal Conference in NYC…call it coincidence? fate? clever scheduling? In any case, we’ll actually be attending both. How’s that for modern yoga multitasking?

What’s that? Enough about us? Right.


If you’d like more info about the free digital conference you can check out the official YI Living Yoga Conference page where you can sign up for the free content along with more than 70+k other registrants who’ll be participating in the comfort of their living rooms or yoga studios or workplaces (tip: we’re not sure how bosses feel about you being distracted even if you are watching yoga workshops all day so you may need to call in healthy). You can also RSVP on the LYC facebook event page where 20+k other folks have already done so. The yogis might even break the internet.

UPGRADE & Own it

So everything is totally free, we know we told you that already. But there’s also an opportunity to own all of the content and keep it for future reference, which is something that’s been previously impossible when it comes to your usual yoga conference situation. By purchasing the “Conference Pass” you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to all material during and after the conference
  • Access to all interviews and bonus material
  • Audio and video downloads for presentations and bonus material
  • Conference notes and handouts

Plus, you will also receive some perks and bonus goods like interviews with the presenters and access to the panel discussion on the future of the yoga studio.

ALSO: The cost of the “Conference Pass” helps support the presenters, as well as support this here little yoga website.

By using CODE: ‘LYC1699′ you can SAVE 10% off the cost of the “Conference Pass” making it $89 instead of $99. And every time someone uses the code, we receive 25% of the sale. We’re telling you this because we’re cool with being transparent and we’re big supporters of everyone helping each other. Everybody wins here.

NOTE: The “Conference Pass” is available after the weekend is over but the price jumps to $199.

We’ll probably have our own hashtag thingie going during the conference with #livingyogadork so let us know if you’re participating on Twitter and we’ll all pow wow. (Virtually) see you there!

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  • VQ2

    It had to be done by someone. It really points to the end of an era, right?
    My guess, from all the selfies and updates, is that those conferences and “grand gatherings” and festivals and such; had been as much about showing off fashion, poses and social dominance; as it had been about CEUs …

    This is one stab at egalitarianism rather than ego.

    But I am not guessing that Yoga International is the real deal in yoga; or as close as we’re gonna get in this lifetime 🙂

  • S.

    I’d have to disagree with you here VQ…Shiva Rea, Seane Corn et al. are the ones who pushed yoga into the trajectory of a commercialized whirlpool which we see today. The Sutras say the real Yoga comes from within, not from a bunch of money grubbing marketers of packaged “yoga.” I still respect you though VQ 🙂

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