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Seattle Yoga Studio Aims to Embrace Diversity with Accessible, Inclusive, LGBTQ-Friendly Environment

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Yoga is for every body. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. A new studio in Seattle is set on doing their part to change that by creating a safe and welcoming space that every member of the diverse community can feel comfortable practicing in.

As the yoga scene is largely populated by the straight, white, upper middle class, yoga teacher Emily Iverson decided there was room for improvement, and diversity. Founded on the idea that yoga should be more inclusive, Iverson was inspired to create Tiger Lily Yoga, a studio that openly invites members of the LGBTQ community, as well as people who may not typically feel like they belong in a yoga studio setting for various reasons, including people of color, people who have larger bodies, people who are older, or those who can’t afford yoga classes.

“I cannot imagine casting out a child because they’re gay, bi, queer, trans, or in any other way not the ‘norm.’ This is certainly starting to change, and at Tiger Lily, we’re making it our mission to be part of that change,” said Iverson.

Teaming up with her wife Daphne, Iverson’s Tiger Lily Yoga will be one of the few gay-owned yoga studios in Seattle. Currently raising money through a crowdfunding campaign (just a few days left to donate) to help pay for construction costs, the studio is set to open some time in the next month with plans to participate in Seattle’s Pride week in June. In addition to raising money for the studio, a scholarship fund has been created to benefit Seattle foster kids and LGBTQ youth.

Update: Tiger Lily Yoga successfully opened their doors June 1st and have received wonderful support from the Seattle community. Check them out on facebook or their website www.tigerlilyyoga.com. We hope they will be an inspiration to others.


image via Tiger Lily Yoga facebook



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