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How to Be ULTRA Spiritual…Or At Least Make It Look Like You Are (VIDEO)

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Seriously lacking in your spirituality game? Time to step it up. Here are some super tips to get you über, ultra spiritual – or at least look and act like it!

For times when you’re not sure if you’re silently judge-y enough or feeling inadequate amounts of holier than thou, this video from JP Sears will have you bestowing aura readings and denying your real emotional pain – because you’re too spiritual and above all that – in no time. A blessed savior after angry yoga.

Some pointers to get you started on your ultra spiritual path (or a least look like you’re on it):

  • Hold eye contact for awkward lengths of time.
  • Use an exaggeratedly light tone of voice. Like using an ID at the bar. It proves that you belong.
  • Reclassify all the ways you’re irresponsible by claiming “I’m a free spirit.”
  • Buy expensive yoga pants and do crazy yoga poses that prove your spirituality and make your kundalini more muscular.

“I feel this one in my spirit.”

The irony of all of this is that the man, JP Sears (his real name), poking fun at the trendiness of “being spiritual” is actually an emotional healing coach who works with people to empower themselves and recover via his Inner Awakenings program. Recently dubbed the “New Age Stephen Colbert” Sears is a holistic coach who hit his stride making funny and entertaining YouTube videos. Though we did notice he does not use the word spiritual on any of his messaging.



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  • Jessica

    This has become one of my new favorite youtube channels.

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