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Craigslist Ad Seeks Yoga-Loving Techies For Tech-Yogatopia House

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San Francisco tech bro yoga circle. | image via Craigslist

In San Francisco, where else? If our yogdar reading is correct, San Francisco is THE place to be for tech folks who love yoga and yoga folks who love tech. And if this Craigslist ad is any indication, tech nerds and yogadorks are looking to shack up together exclusively in one om-possibly awesome ‘Yoga & Tech’ house. Yoga app developers, rejoice!

Though a tad unusual, it’s not surprising. We know tech professionals love yoga and meditation. We’ve witnessed it for ourselves at SXSW and if you haven’t heard of Gopi Kallayil, Google’s resident yoga spokesperson (official title: Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing), you ought to have because he looooves yoga and meditation he’s happy to tell you about it. (Kallayil’s already been to Wanderlust and he’s speaking at the next NYC Yoga Journal Conference.) We’ve also seen how tech companies, especially startups, have embraced yoga and meditation as a way to keep their overworked and insanely talented employees productive and focused (and not stuck in permanent eyes-glued-to-screen-asana).

Whatever happened to predictability?

The ad starts right out asking all the important questions:

Do you do yoga and are you in the tech world? Would you call yourself interesting? Funny? Are you ambitious and work hard? Can you be characterized as friendly?

The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V.

Why, yes! Tell us more of your tech-yogatopia.

In the process of setting up a house for yoga enthusiasts in the tech world. Please reply if interested with your favorite yoga pose and company you’d like to work for given the opportunity, and the best number to reach you at!!! 🙂

You miss your old familiar friends, but waiting just around the bennnnnd…

That’s all the info we get except that the house will be located in the SOMA/South Beach area, and also that all this yogintelligence comes with a steep price tag — monthly enlightenment dues (rent) is at the $1500 mark. We don’t know if that includes your own bedroom or a shared space where all the tech yogis will converse in nightly nidra-mind-melds.

This could be where you cook up the next Pranabnb over a cup of lavender-infused matcha.

This could be where you cook up the next Pranabnb over a cup of lavender-infused matcha. | image via Craigslist

This got us thinking though, a whole full house of techies and yogis? What kind of fabulous yoga bro-y debauchery could they get into?* (If you read that as douchery, your are wrong, but not alone.) Pranking one another by changing the language setting on their futuristic yoga mats? Putting on the “power productivity” playlist with the “rad relaxation” playlist during working hours? lolz. Hacking drones for levitation trickery? Extra long kombucha keg stands bent into scorpion for added points and instagram prowess? The fun is endless!

Honestly, this ‘Yoga & Tech’ house sounds like an interesting idea. If you reply to ad, let us know!


*We mention bro-ness because Silicon Valley. And the sad dearth of females in the current tech industry. (And also because of the great yoga bro photo provided from the ad, above.) We are excited this is changing and more ladies are pursuing tech-related professions and are being recognized for their technological talents and expertise.



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