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Jackie Chan Announces New ‘Kungfu Yoga’ Action Movie

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Movie star Jackie Chan just announced something potentially awesome, but we really can’t say for sure, yet. There are little details but Chan just let the cat pose out of the bag – he will star in a new film called Kungfu Yoga which is slated to begin shooting in India this fall. (!)

“Yes, I am planning to start a new movie called ‘Kungfu Yoga’. That means I will be returning to film in India. Perhaps next time you will interview me on a set,” Chan told Indo-Asian News Service in an email interview.

Chan has had a successful career in Hollywood but lately he’s been focusing on the east, in his native China, to build productive collaborations across countries in the entertainment industry. His latest film, Dragon Blade, is a Chinese-American production co-starring John Cusack and Adrien Brody, which had its opening in China in February. Kungfu Yoga will be the first project under an India-China co-production agreement signed during President Xi Jinping’s visit to India last September.

There have been some anticipatory rumblings about a possible Bollywood film, but he is kiboshing that, at least for right now.

“I don’t think about it in terms of doing a Bollywood movie, or even a Hollywood movie. The most important thing is the script. But, yes, I’m planning the new movie called ‘Kungfu Yoga’. Hopefully, we will start filming in the autumn,” he said.

As a martial artist well-known for his acrobatic skills and comedic stylings, we think this new movie starring Jackie Chan could be a fun romp in the kung fu genre, maybe even an interesting mashup of old school kung fu films meets Bollywood? With some musical numbers thrown in for good measure? That’s all we can hope for!

Maybe it’ll be more like a Kung Fu vs. Yoga (1979) reboot?

Synopsis: Two men, Gung Fu & Mun Seng are in battle to see who will win over the beautiful Miss Ting. After completing two of their missions, they go on to face Singh, yoga extraordinaire whose incredible flexibility is highly intimidating! [rottentomatoes]

By the way, are yoga action films the new thing? We’re still anxiously awaiting Kevin Smith’s quirky-horror-action flick Yoga Hosers co-starring Johnny Depp and both of Depp and Smith’s daughters. Hmm.

Jackie Chan has always seemed to be a kind spirit with a cheerful disposition. At 61 years young, we love his advice on being “happy go lucky.”

“Enjoy every moment of your life. Accept your own self. Be young at heart. I still go to the gym every day and run for an hour. But I never go on a diet. I believe in being ‘Happy go Lucky.’ That’s my secret,” he said.

[Via NDTV]



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