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YogaDork Giveaway: Win a Pair of Cozy Harem Pants from One Tribe Apparel

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It’s spring! Sort of. Right? To kick off our “it’s officially spring we swear” season we’re pleased to be hosting a giveaway of these vibrant, lively, think-warm-thoughts harem pants from One Tribe Apparel. A stretchy yoga pants alternative we can honestly approve of. And lest you think only ladies can don the elephants and peacocks, think again. Dudes can get in on this one, too.


Besides being made from airy bamboo, we also appreciate that the One Tribe Apparel team is dedicated to supporting the local community of Pai, a town in northern Thailand where the company was founded and is headquartered.

WIN: We’re giving away two pairs of comfy, colorful, hand-stitched harem pants to two lucky winners, courtesy of One Tribe Apparel. View their full collection here.

TO ENTER: In honor of it (technically) being spring in the northern hemisphere bringing all the living critters (finally) out from hibernation, let’s get creature-y. Share with us your current favorite or least favorite animal-named yoga pose – it could be one that makes you feel more alive, or one that may be a challenge for you, but that helps you grow every time you practice it. Alternatively, tell us which animal pose you never do and why.

Post in the comments to enter! You may also enter by tweeting at us @yogadork and @onetribeapparel with hashtag #ydspringtribe.

Giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm Monday, March 30, 2015. Two wnners will be announced soon after. Have fun. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to winners Alison D. and Cassandra! Thanks to all for sharing your favorite (and least favorite) animal poses. A lot of bird and frog and all around critter love!

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  • Karen Hardin
  • Karen Hardin
  • Karen Hardin
  • Karen Hardin
  • Barb

    I love these pants they are so pretty. Crow is by far my favorite and pigeon is my least favorite.

  • I love doing Lizard and walking folks through variations. Staying with the herps… boy, oh boy is Turtle a challenge that I practice at home.

  • Kate

    Dolphin to forearm stand or crow to handstand. It’s definitely spring in Seattle

  • elissa

    Pigeon has always been a hard yet rewarding pose for my desk weary hips. But crow is just near-impossible. I need more upper body strength!!

  • Sarah s

    Eagle makes me feel strong and powerful!

  • Kate

    I practiced crow today! It was delicious and I really felt myself fly. However I am struggling my way through firefly but persevering despite my uncooperative hamstrings.
    Thanks for the great giveaway @yogadork and @onetribeapparel!

  • p

    Crow! It’s always different every time .. the edge is what keeps me going

  • Sara

    I would have to go with Crow as my favorite, classic we find ourselves doing even at work (the kickboxing studio, crazy yes). Wisconsin has a glimpse of spring but it’s gone now 😛

  • oniyogini

    I wouldn’t say the Peacock is my favourite but one which I practice a lot and hardly improve at all. On rare days it takes flight but mostly it remains a flightless bird for me…:(

  • Amy

    Downward Facing Dog! So simple & relaxing….feels like I could stay there forever.

  • Darcy Van Patten

    Pincha Mayurasana – feathered peacock. After years of building strength in my shoulders, this pose is still so difficult and freaky for me. I practice it’s aquatic friend – dolphin all the time, and handstand, but I have been avoiding it lately. Time to face the fear.

  • I love the birds – pigeon & crow. I do not like cobra, but should learn to like it.

  • We have a large colony of wild rabbits on our property. They provide enjoyment, wonder and connection. For them and my upper back, I do sasamgasana, the hare pose!

  • Elena Thompson

    Pigeon is one of my favvoorritteess and almost always ends up in my practice. On the other hand, Dolphin is one that has always been a challenge to make time for.

  • I love Urdhva Dhanurasana. I do not do Sasamgasana very often at all. Welcome spring!

  • katie


  • Jen


  • Cassie

    I absolutely love Cobra. I find it very empowering. Peacock has evaded me for now, but only time will tell 🙂

  • Anju Virick

    I am rocking the Dragonfly lately. Hopefully it will be warm enough soon for her to really spread her wings!!

  • Caity Smith

    I love pigeon and crow and try and incorporate both of them into my practice whenever possible.

  • Alex K

    I love cow. I feel so incredible when I do cat/cow and my back just seems to heave a huge sigh of relief. I am out of practice and still challenged on every single other move. I think Dolphin is my least favorite. It doesn’t seem like it should be as hard as it is, but holy crap.

  • Alison D.

    I love pigeon, my hips are so tight and it really helps them stretch out. My least favorite is down dog, it is supposed to be restful but I struggle with relaxing in it still.

  • Jenn

    I have recently become more enamoured with rabbit, but tortoise is still my favourite. Odd, now that I think about it. 🙂

  • Krit

    Well, since I’m still in my first few months of practicing I do not have a repatuire of poses, animal or otherwise to choose from, but I recently did my first ever crane, and actually held it up for a few seconds.. Which is my biggest yoga triumph thus far. Dolphin, on the other hand is ssssooo hard for me, but I force myself to do it every time I practice, because I know it is going to make me stronger, and the hope is that one day it will lead me to do forearm stand. My Dolphin isn’t pretty, but like the rest of my practice, it doesn’t matter how good it looks, because all we need to do is roll out our mat, try some new things and breathe :0)

  • Bhekasana (frog pose)!!! I love it! I find it such a challenge to really lift up and out through your chest. It seems to me to take such an incredible amount of back strength; I find it very humbling ;o)

  • Kristin

    Loving camel pose lately. It used to terrify me, but it’s becoming more and more fun!

  • Theresa

    Still struggle with Crow.

  • Frog pose is the most challenging pose for me, but I love it. It opens up my hips and inner thighs in an intensely awesome way!

  • Kaye

    I love lizard pose, even if it’s uncomfortable. I have really tight hips and thighs, so whichever variation I do, I get a lot out of it. It’s like a Swiss army knife.

  • Spider! for it’s beauty, strength, and lightness. And I know when I see one running across the ground, it is warm enough to be spring!

  • Janet

    Love the stretch and release of Cat and Cow poses..

  • Angela

    Pigeon is both the most challenging and most satisfying of poses for me. I have yet to get it exactly “right,” but every time I try I can feel my body sinking into better alignment. Such a good stretch!

  • Lisa

    camel…so hard for me. why? I can do full wheel…but camel, somehow can’t settle in and enjoy it.

    I dream of getting to firefly one day…

  • Sam Stutz

    I love to do cat/cow pose! It really helps to stretch my back and relieve any pain I may be having. I’ve never tried crow pose because I am a newbie but hope to learn this challenging pose in the future!

  • PS in NY

    Eagle, because like a box of chocolates, I never know what I’m going to get. I could wobble all over the place and struggle to wrap my arms, or I could stick it perfectly and stand still as a rock. Keeps things interesting!

  • Lindsey

    Cat/Cow are my go-to pregnant poses!

  • Calli

    Awesome! I would love to win! Forearm stand is my favorite right now!

  • Genie

    Here’s what I like..i like it all. Whether I do crow with my right foot/toe on floor…who cares? I don’t. It all depends on how I feel that day. I was vacationing at Kripalu a while back and we were asked to set an intention for the yoga that was to follow. Huh! WEll, I told myself that I just wanted to breathe and who cares about intention! WEll, that turned out to be my intention so that is my favorite pose, the breath pose, if there is such a thing!

  • amanda f

    Eagle pose both challenges and calms me.

  • Chelsea

    I love sinking into pigeon. It’s a great pose for playing with effort vs. ease.
    And I almost never do peacock, because I need to build more strength.

  • Chelsea

    Pigeon! 🙂

  • Christine

    Lion–or lioness, as I refer to it when leading teeny yogini into it. So much swag in that pose–and a great way to clear out all the “junk.”

  • I avoid Crow because of a shoulder injury, but I do sometimes attempt Kurmasana. It teaches me patience and compassion with both shoulder joints.

  • Laura

    I’m going to throw a little love to Bird of Paradise. It feels different every time I do it, and it’s always fun.

  • Leslie

    Hanumasana ( monkey pose ) is my favorite! I find this pose, very empowering and freeing. I also love the story of Hanumasana.
    My least favorite is Grasshopper! I’m having a world of trouble getting into this one and not sure why???

  • Susan

    Downward Facing Dog, ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA, calms the nerves and helps relieves stress while stretching out calves and archs plus improving strength in arms, shoulders, and back! It’s a regular and favorite pose.

  • Susan

    Downward Facing Dog, ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA, calms the nerves and helps relieves stress while stretching out calves and arches plus improving strength in arms, shoulders, and back! It’s a regular and favorite pose.

  • Awesome giveaway! My favorite animal named pose is peacock pose because it’s so challenging and I feel great on the days I’m able to master it!

  • casi

    When I first dived into yoga I was drawn to hip openers, I love and adore pigeon still to this day! However spending a few years practicing I still avoided arm balances as much as possible I hated crow! But after gaining the core and wrist strength needed I now love to (occasionally) focus my attention and aim for my once pesky little yoga bird.

  • Mae

    I have to say, my favorite yoga pose is the classic Downward Facing Dog!!

  • Jennifer Carroll


  • Rachel

    Peacock is super difficult for me but I’m working on it! I’ve newly found a love for pigeon, but used to struggle with it. Grateful to be continually evolving!

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    Bakasana- crow pose is one of my favorites. It combines the feeling of flying while also feeling grounded.

  • I definitely dig Eagle and Pigeon poses.
    I’m less of a fan of rabbit and tortoise.

  • Sarah Ferrante

    Scorpion has lately been my go to pose. I am working through a lot of things in my life outside of yoga, and scorpion is my way of trying to get through them. It is helping me learn through patience, growth, and strength, I can accomplish the goals I set. To me scorpion is a pose that has taught me how to push myself beyond my limits and into the unknown. It is a pose that forces me to be confident in myself and to fully connect my mind and body to hold the pose. It has also taught me to realize that if I fall out of the pose, I can get back in by trying again.

  • joanna

    favorite: double pigeon. love hip opening.

    pose i never do: scorpion – because i know i can’t physically get there yet, but will be able to soon/eventually 🙂

  • Amanda

    Crow pose! It’s the perfect mix of balance and strength, and after many face- plants while I was learning it, I now love making it a part of my daily practice.

  • Nicole Tunstall

    Cobra pose for sure. I love how deep of a heart opener this can be and how it challenges me to find my edge each time. Until I started really focusing on lifting my heart and keeping my shoulders rolling down my back, I felt like this pose was so simple that I’d often just half ass it during class. Now with the help of a wonderful (i.e. all seeing) yoga teacher, I’ve come to appreciate how complex and beautiful cobra pose truly is!

  • Nicole Tunstall

    Aah! My second half of my comment didn’t post!
    Anyways, I find side crow to be amazingly challenging. The mobility in my shoulders isn’t quite there yet and I find myself getting very frustrated by this pose. But, as they say, the pose we avoid is the one we need so I’ll keep going and remind myself that we learn through failure!

  • Eileen

    Plow is my least favorite ( well, it’s challenging for me), and I’d say any pose that involves a pretty deep twist of the spine is a good thing! I love to feel my back realign itself. :0)

  • Jacque

    Fav is def scorpion!

  • Firefly is one of the most challenging poses for me. But seeing how much I’ve improved over the past year helps me to keep practicing.

  • Working on frog pose. It’s so uncomfortable, but so so good.

  • Don Young

    My favorite pose by far is cobra. It lets me remember that I have the Naga around me, protecting me as I am a treasure. My least favorite pose is crane…just because my body is just not ready to get there yet

  • Leia Morrison

    Frog/ Scorpion

  • Melinda S

    Love cat/cow. Dislike crow…maybe one day!

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