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This ‘Angry Yoga’ Teacher Is the Tragically Funny Debbie Downer of Yoga Class (VIDEO)

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Have you seen this? It’s really something. “Angry Yoga” has been making the rounds on the interwebs and for good reason. It’s a total hoot, you guys.


This parody video is from a show called “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” a long-running Canadian comedy series on CBC. In the sketch, the yoga teacher eschews any kind of light and fluffy stuff (you know what we mean) and shoots right for the real talk. Well, mostly she complains about her problems and the world’s impending doom, which is ironic, funny (also, sad because it’s true), and from a certain point of view, strangely refreshing in a ‘what if Louis CK taught yoga’ kind of way.

Man buns, the apple butter police, the greedy government — all open targets for this “angry” yoga teacher, who’s just airing her grievances and saying what a lot of us might feel like saying sometimes, but don’t.

“And release…and just feel the weight of the world on your back, and it’s crushing you. But stay in the present because there is no future…because the government sold it to the highest bidder!”

How delightful! This woman is basically the Debbie Downer of yoga, and if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry.

As it turns out, the video is a parody PSA we’re supposed to believe is from Canada’s Medicinal Pot Growers: “Sometimes yoga doesn’t cut it. Ask your doctor if marijuana is right for you.” Oh, Canada.

Watch the funny sketch below, and if you like it, follow it up with the “Angrier Yoga” and “Blue Yoga” sequels.

“Just go ahead and take your fist, roll it into a ball and shove it into your mouth and just exhale into a little scream.”

Yoga on Blue Monday is just the pits!

image credit: cbc.ca



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  • Haha, thanks so much for the laugh! These are brilliant!

  • Lou-Anne

    As a fellow Canadian, I’m glad to see one of our most-loved comedians, Mary Walsh, (think the north-of-the-border equivalent of Tina Fey) on Yogadork. And she actually seems to know something about yoga. Way to rock that tree pose, Mary.

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