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Which U.S. State Has the Most Yoga Studios Per Capita? (It Might Not Be Your First Guess)

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Yoga, yoga everywhere. Can you guess which state has the most yoga studios? No doubt yoga has blown up like crazy in the U.S. over the past several years – it’s been ranked as a Top 20 Lasting Fitness Trend and even kids are practicing more yoga than ever before. It’s true, yoga is a growing industry – a 2012 study found that 20.4 million people practice yoga in the U.S., up from the 15.8 million in 2008. And where there are more yogis there are more yoga studios. Of course, yoga studios are hoping that applies vice versa, too. In just NYC alone, it seems there’s another new yoga studio opening up every week (even if there are some shutting down almost as frequently – one big reason being that the yoga studio business model is not sustainable).

But it’s not just cities like NY and LA seeing the surge. Yoga has caught on across the country. So which state has the most yoga studios per capita? Go ahead, think it over, we’ll wait…

Got your answer?

It’s Alaska! Were you surprised? Don’t worry, Colorado, you’re not too far behind. Which states have the least amount of yoga studios per capita? Mississippi, followed by Alabama. How did your state fare? Check out this handy chart via Huffington Post.

By the way, no word on whether or not all those yoga teachers at all of the yoga studios are enjoying their five-figure salaries. (We’re going to guess no.)



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  • Ed

    Some seat of the pants Calvinball figures to go with this:
    The US population is approximately 330 million of which 149 million are yoga practicing adult age.
    Estimated 20 million people have regular yoga practice or 13% of the adult population.
    45% of the 10k population per studio ratio number is between the ages of 30-65.
    Estimated 100 thousand certified yoga teachers, just saying and it has nothing to do with my totals.
    So for my .318 state: 10,000x 0.45 x 0.13 = 585 adults between ages 30-65 may say they have a regular yoga practice.
    In my area the YMCA has regular yoga classes as part of the membership fee, I have 20 students in my Y class and 4 in my studio class by comparison, Calvinball figures would generously and ahimsacly split the 585 number between the fitness studios with yoga classes and the yoga studios. That narrows it down some more to maybe, maybe 250-300 students per studio.
    Charging $15 per class times 275 = $4125 weekly gross, pay a 40% split with the teacher who took your studio training = $2500 left for the studio management/owner take = $125000 yearly gross before the bills are paid.

    Ok, I see how you can make a 6 figure income. Before take home. Ramen, tofu, and collards. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Left overs go to yoga workshops/trainings/retreats because you’re bored with your practice (http://www.yogabody.com/community/funky-10-day-challenge/) or what you were trained, tested on and certified to teach – loops and spirals, has now been upgraded to bow springing because loops and spirals was not really the greatest thing evah. Feurstein might counter – “Get with it man, stop living in the past.” “Western Postural Yoga is always evolving.” Future students will ponder spandex and Lululemon.

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    требуется столько времени.

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