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Ad Shows People Doing Yoga On Cliffs 600 Feet Up

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If you needed a reason to check in with your breathing, this is it. As in, you can stop holding your breath now. Also, feel your feet on the ground, the very level, not-at-all-super-high-up-and-dangerous ground.

The yoga spectacle takes its show on the road, this time 600 feet up in Moab, Utah. This drone-rtainment stunt is part of an ad campaign for Trimr, a water bottle company very excited about design. Entitled ‘Asamprajnata’ it seems they want us to assume these folks have reached the highest level of samadhi, which, we should note, is basically impossible in this life.

Asamprajnata – The highest state of super-consiousness. Completely detaching from external stimuli coming to a full realization of the self, where the mind is completely stilled and reality is experienced. A phase where there is direct realization of the consciousness power of one’s self, with no limitation.

Designers and athletes have long existed at opposite ends of the form/function spectrum. Designers crave beauty. Athletes demand performance.

We’re not sure climbing up hundreds of feet to pull some yoga tricks was necessary to make the point, or what it has to do with water bottles, but what do we know? We never got those commercials for cologne, either.

Yoga is used in advertising all the time these days, but perhaps not quite as dramatically or at the risk of headstanding to your doom. What is it with doing yoga on cliffs and ledges anyway?

Cool or foolish? You decide. Then maybe take a few deep breaths.



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