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Is That a Yoga Mat Bag or a Beer Cooler?

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Need beer after yoga, but no way to carry it? We’ve got your solution! Sure it looks like a yoga mat bag, but unzip and  – surprise! – it’s actually a cooler for six cans of ice cold beer to enjoy with your friends (or, you know, by yourself…it’s been a long week.)

Created by Mountainsmith, this Cooler Tube, as they call it, might even be stealth enough to fool your friends into thinking you’re actually toting around a yoga mat. Alas, “Is that a yoga mat on your back? Going fly fishing? Nope, it’s time to party!” the company’s website exclaims.

This design for carrying beer is somewhat genius, but boy it sure does look like you’re one of those hip yoga kids toting around your yoga mat. We see several opportunities here:

1) Firstly, this is obviously THE perfect gag gift for your pal who refuses to try yoga. The look on their face when they open it, and then the look on their face when you tell them what it really is: priceless.

2) Secondly, this is clearly a hilarious gift for someone who does practice yoga. No, no, not for yoga. See? It’s for BEER!

3) Lastly, if you can fit six cans wrapped in a yoga mat and you can carry it anywhere, who needs brewery yoga? Also, tip: that’d be a great way to get a nice cool mat for a heated yoga session or hot summer day.

This, of course, has us thinking about what else we can stuff into our yoga mat bags/Cooler Tubes. Hm…

And now we brace ourselves for the inevitable question when out and about: Is that a yoga mat bag or a beer cooler?

[h/t Daily Meal]



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  • paul

    chopped up veggies and kabob sticks so the people around can roast veggies off all the tapas.

  • Stealthy and Healthy all in one… reminds me of old tricks like vodka in water bottles or switching gatorade with wine.

  • Comments about Lucy Back To The Mat Bag: … I was really so excited to finally get a Mandala Cotton Yoga Mat Bags until I got it and realized my mat doesn’t fit inside the bag!

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