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At-Home Yoga DON’T: Woman Accidentally Sends Dog Flying As She Kicks Up Into Handstand

in YD News

This is a public service announcement: At-home yoga is great. At-home yoga can be one of the most wonderful practices and habits one could pick up for overall health and wellness. At-home yoga should be practiced in the clear of sharp objects, furniture and living breathing creatures who could get the kibble knocked out of them when they just want to come do yoga with you. And you know those critters love to do yoga with you.

Here’s what not to do, as demonstrated by this video floating around the interwebs. (Heads up on the expletive at the end.)

Apparently, this woman did everything but adhere to the laws of furry yoga partner caution and unfortunately airlifted her little dog with the power of her kicking foot as she shot up into handstand. Don’t worry, the pup appears to have made a full recovery thanks to apologies, love, and likely extra treats at dinner time due to owner’s guilt.

Ahimsa, people. This has been a public service announcement.



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  • Yikes, I see that all the time, just today on instagram! Cats always seem to get under your feet, worse than dogs.

  • Luna

    I personally don’t appreciate this video being posted by Yogadork. I can’t believe the owner would even share this. It’s an unfortunate accident.

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