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T-Rex Tries Yoga

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Aw, dino, don’t get sour. We all have our limitations. Somebody get this dinoyogi some props!

We’re sure we all have moments like this. #roawwwrrommmm

This cute illustration by artist queenmob caught our eye on Threadless. The print is available in t-shirts, wall art and iphone cases. We want it on socks, can we get it on socks?

Reminds us of these little guys from a few years ago.



See, T-Rexy? Don’t give up!



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  • So cute ,exactly how I felt when starting yoga

  • I used to be like that, eventually it will get better. I need one of that shirt. I bet it will be a conversation starter in our yoga class.

  • I really love the icons you used to illustrate the pose. Well, I agree and I faced that struggle too. Thanks for sharing!

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