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Montana Lawmaker Was Just Kidding About Making Yoga Pants Illegal, Says Montana Lawmaker

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Beige yoga pants via clothingunder10.com

So, about that yoga pants ban. People of Montana, give your yoga pants a big hug tonight, you are still free to wear them without fear of reprimand, at least by the police. David Moore, the Republican representative who said yoga pants “should be illegal in public” has come out in response to the Internet’s collective ridicule. It was just a joke, he says. That’s good, because we were about to launch our new “Legalize Yoga pants” kickstarter campaign.

Moore reportedly told the Guardian: “At no time during the hearing of that bill was yoga pants brought up.” Moore added that it was an “off-the-cuff remark” made in the hallway to a reporter, and that “the whole thing just exploded.”

Yeah, because that was a ridiculous thing to say. His bill was also pretty ridiculous, apparently, as it was tossed out on Wednesday by members of the House of Judiciary Committee amidst giggles and presumed snickering.

He says his yoga pants comment was just a joke now, but The Associated Press stand by their report. Via the Guardian:

“Our reporter spoke to him at length,” Associated Press media director Paul Colford said about the interview, which took place on Tuesday. “She asked him about that statement twice. After the story appeared, Mr Moore told associates he was making a joke. Our staffer did not report that the bill would go so far as to outlaw yoga pants. Or that he intended to, we stand by our coverage.”

Moore’s bill, HB 365, would have banned people from exposing “genitals, pubic hair, or anus of exposes the areola or nipple of the person’s breast with anything less than a fully opaque covering while in a public place.”

The passage Moore said could have applied to beige yoga pants, according to the Associated Press, would have banned “any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of or simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region or exposes any device worn as a cover over the nipple or areola of the female breast that simulates and gives the realistic appearance of a nipple or areola while in a public place”.

So that clarifies it. No beige yoga pants. Which might seem like an odd and unpopular color choice, anyway, but not entirely unheard of. In any case, Montana natives can now continue living their lives and wearing their yoga pants in confidence that they will not be arrested by the decency police and three-time offenders will not have to serve a life sentence in jail. No word on if/when representative Moore will recover from foot-in-mouth pose.

We close with these wise words from commenter Carl: “When yoga pants are outlawed, only outlaws will wear yoga pants.”



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  • So does that mean this only applies to people with beige color skin? What a champ!

  • Oh, that clears things up. Black is OK . Beige is not. Beige on beige color folks bad, beige on brown or black colored folks OK. Is it the color or the pants style? What a ridiculous waste of the tax payers time!

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