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YogaDork Giveaway: ‘Calm Body, Clear Mind’ Stress-Relieving DVD by Jillian Pransky

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Baby, it’s cold outside. But we think we have something that will warm you up. How about an awesome 75 minutes of yoga, meditation and relaxation wherever and whenever you like? You may want to put your Valentine’s plans on hold. This is heart restoration at its finest.

Jillian Pransky’s Calm Body, Clear Mind DVD is one of those things you keep on hand for a regular dose of self-love that lasts way longer than a box of chocolate and is almost as delicious (maybe even more delicious?…personal taste). Heart and whole restored.

Jillian Pransky is well-known for her deep knowledge and grounding teachings in restorative and therapeutic yoga. Drawing from trainings with T.K.V. Desikachar, Sharon Salzberg, Gary Kraftsow, Angela Farmer, and Stephen Cope, to name a few, Jillian teaches with her whole heart and is known by her students to be a compassionate, engaging and supportive guide for practice. Calm Body, Clear Mind is a wonderful way to experience Jillian’s teaching in a guided stress-relieving and rejuvenating home practice.

Watch the intro below:

WIN: We’re giving away FIVE copies of Jillian Pransky’s new DVD Calm Body, Clear Mind featuring a 75-minute, 3-part program including a 30 minute Slow Flow Practice, a 30 minute Restorative Practice, and a 10 minute relaxation which can be done together for a full practice or separately in segments. Open to practitioners of all ages and levels.

When it comes to matters of the heart, you can bet yogis know how to connect. But we’re not immune to getting cloudy or caught up in the heat of passion, which is why our practice comes in real handy sometimes. We all have our go-to self-soothing, self-restoring tactics.

TO ENTER: Taking a cue from Jillian’s three-in-one practice, we’d like to throw it to the YDers and ask you what is your trifecta of self-renewal. In other words, what are three things that help you get back on track – these could be yoga poses, breathing exercises, warm baths, certain BFFs, dark chocolate (we mean, it is pretty yummy.) Share your version in the comments, on facebook (on YD or Jillian’s wall) or on twitter (tag @yogadork and @JillianPransky!).

Giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm Monday, February 16th. Five winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

Update: Congrats to Amy, Alex, Megan, @KathrynTRex, and Megan Meunier! Thanks to all who entered. We wish you wonderful moments of self-renewal whenever you need it…x3!




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  • Moi

    My every morning ritual: fruit smoothie, green tea & yoga (at home with DVDs!).

  • jacque

    1. red wine
    2. sleeping in with my wonderful husband
    3. ordering dinner and watching the city through my window

  • Amy

    1. Indulging in a 90 min restorative yoga class followed by a long steam….a mini retreat!
    2. A good snuggle and some playtime with my adorable dog.
    3. Cooking a healthy new meal from Crazy, Sexy Kitchen or The Kind Life. 🙂

    The perfect “reset” day! 🙂

  • Anju Virick

    I am a substitute school teacher, a yoga teacher, a mostly single parent (my husband works away 3 weeks and comes home for one) and an introvert! When I need to reset I turn to the same things:
    1) early morning practice: no students, no one else’s needs to consider but mine. The day feels easier after I’ve awakened on all levels
    2) a stop at my local coffee shop: the women who work there know me without REALLY knowing me. They SEE me and I love them for it. AND they make the best coffee anywhere!!
    3) friends: whether my oldest friend who laughs at ancient inside jokes, newer friends who share my passions for yoga or my sister with whom I share a family shorthand, they are there when I need them. They let me vent but shut it down before it gets self-indulgent. They know when to send un-retouched pictures of super models, when to chill the wine and when to leave me alone.
    What more could a girl ask for??

  • Candace

    -Enjoying a bowl of overnight vegan oatmeal
    -Cup of coffee with flax milk, enjoyed in the company of my dogs
    -Getting ready for my morning Integral Vinyasa class, where I sometimes shoot funny faces to my friend while in yoga poses if her mat is next to mine.

  • Alex

    1. My home practice, which consists of asana, breath awareness, and meditation.
    2. Quality time with friends and family.
    3. Beach vacations!

  • Nancy

    1. That moment when my forehead touches the mat in child’s pose at the beginning of yoga class
    2. When I lie down in bed at the end of the night
    3. Getting a full night’s rest on weekends and enjoying my green tea almond milk latte at home

  • A good yoga class, cooking a delicious dinner, and a heart to heart with my sisters or a friend usually help me! I would love to win! 🙂

  • Nicole Huang

    105F heat (i.e. hot yoga); camel and half pigeon (favorite poses); earl grey hot

  • KrisR

    1. morning yoga/stretching
    2. daily yoga nidra
    3. daily laughter with a wonderful partner

  • Deborah H

    Spending quality time in nature with my basset hound.

  • Helen

    Thank you to Jillian Pransky for the free home practice. I have just started to do yoga and meditation to help me with chronic pain and fatigue. Together with self love and compassion I feel is making a significant change to my life. Thank you.

    • So happy to hear this from you Helen. That you are participating in your healing and wholeness in this way. May you continue to experience a shift in your wellness. with gratitude, jillian

  • Time with friends, yoga, and a bath.

  • Megan

    1. Yin Yoga practice at home
    2. Long, hot bath
    3. Hot tea in my favorite rocking chair by the picture window

    This DVD sounds like it’s right up my alley.

  • Megan Meunier

    1)Reading a good book (Harry Potter, anyone?)
    2)Playing with my granddaughter
    3)Kundalini yoga with my friends of many years

  • therese

    I love to reset with :
    a morning meditation and yoga practice.
    a conscious cleanse.
    a list of all that I am grateful for.

    This never fails to get me back in the game.

  • Je

    A swim (or hot bath)

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