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You Can Now Buy .GURU and .YOGA Domains for Your Website

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Move over plain old boring websites, there’s a new guru in Internet town. A dotguru. If you haven’t been scoping out the usual places to see if your amazing new idea for a website has an available domain name (sorry, getpoopchakra.com has been taken) then you probably wouldn’t know that .guru is now a very viable option.

That news again, you can now give any website you wish guru status. Like yoga.guru, kalekrunching.guru, or thelove.guru. As Name.com reminds us, “.GURU is an off-beat TLD that opens the door to fun and creative usage.” JustGoWildWithIt.guru.

There are virtually no limits:

  • For the more traditional meaning, this extension can also be used for spiritual and meditative sites, like findyourcenter.GURU.

  • GURU is meant as a flexible space to enable individuals, businesses, and organizations with a unique flair to be their own gurus of .GURU.

Here’s a handy video for inspiration:

Ah, but holdyour.horses, don’t type too soon! Because launching February 17th is .YOGA, available as a Top Level Domain for the first time ever. What’s different here is that the sites using .yoga will only be sites related to yoga. This we learned from an email sent to us from Minds + Machines, the organization launching the domain extensions adding to their seemingly endless list of other valid choices like .cool, .rocks, .beer, .club, .cheap, .dating, .pink, .furniture, .kim, .ninja, and .wtf (these are all real and attainable dots, by the way).

In a surprising twist, there’s no .calm yet.

The reason for choosing .yoga over a .com has to do with cutting through the clutter says M+M on their join.yoga promo site:

Web names that end in .yoga mean studios, instructors, and fitness enthusiasts don’t have to use the word “yoga” in their domain name, it already acts as a descriptor. This results in shorter, more memorable domain names, allowing your audience to immediately identify you within the realm of the yoga theme, giving you a new, authentic Internet platform to reach your target audiences as well as new International fans/clients.

Registration isn’t available for .yoga until the 17th but you can pre-register to get your place in line and improve your chances of snagging your choice URL. If you’re the .guru type, you can go ahead and stake your claim today.

So now you have a few extra dots to pick up along with .info, .net, and .org when securing your unique website name that nobody else in the world can ever have becauseitsmine.bitches. We have a feeling getpoopchakra.yoga might still be an option. Let the mad rush begin. Don’t forget to .breathe.



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  • pinchus rubin

    yogaguru.nyc is on auction!
    check it out on ebay.com

  • The very best part: Sting’s songs plays acoustically in the background.

  • santosh kumar

    Dear sir/mam
    Myself santosh kumar yadav from varanasi u.p. north india a ca ipcc student
    I ve practice the yoga and all types of yoga with instructions and the 100% satisfaction of clint’s i need a good plateform in yoga to visit my yoga practice on youtube santosh yoga so i need a better guidelines please help me and suggest a better way
    Thank you

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